back to article Tech! Tech! Teeeeech! Women want gadgets for Valentine's

Forget roses and Roses: buy your other half - if female - some tech for Valentine's Day, now just four days away. According to the US Consumer Electronics Association, woman want gadgets, with 80 per cent of them, based on a survey conducted by the CEA, expressing an interest in electronic kit. And just over half of that …


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  1. jai

    questions about this survey

    survey was by US Consumer Electronics Association - so totally unbiased then? :)

    And I note there is a lack of specifics in the report:

    - "expressing an interest in electronic kit" and

    - "they were especially keen on devices"

    Are these "electronic kits" and "devices" the sort of thing they sell in Maplin? or the kind of things they keep at the back of the Ann Summers shops?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Meanwhile a survey by US Florists reveals that 90% of women want flowers. A spokesperson for Hersheys, however, commented that demand for chocolate was not high since "the stuff we make over here tastes disgusting ... have you tried one of our bars recently?"

    2. Graham Bartlett


      MAybe I'm twisted, but that was my thought too. Especially from the phrasing of "fit in smaller hands and [in] smaller body frames"...

  2. Bruno Girin
    Thumb Up

    Good to see the EeePC girl is back, we missed her!

    1. Jason Ozolins

      If I never see the Eee PC woman again...

      ...that will be soon enough. Seriously, the photo is crap, with her legs underexposed and foreshortened to weird stubs, the strange expression of distracted annoyance on her face ("why is the keyboard filling with sand?") brought out by the fill flash that is meant to compensate for the sun being somewhere behind her... and the Eee PC and camera look to have been Photoshopped in afterwards.

      What happened to the photo of the woman in the kitchen with the glass of wine and the Eee PC? Just as ridiculous and contrived, but a better actual photograph. She's actually smiling for one thing.

  3. toadwarrior

    no surprise

    Women always liked expensive shiny things.

  4. Magnus Ramage

    Women want the original eeePC? Surely not?

  5. Lloyd

    I must be married to a good 'un then

    She's said we shouldn't buy each other anything and have dinner at home so we can save our money for our Oz trip in March. Fine by me, she still expects me to buy her a card and write her poetry though.

    1. Nick Ryan Silver badge

      Ah... the infamous "don't do anything" followed by the hell-on-earth when you diligently follow that particular instruction :)

    2. frank ly Silver badge

      ... write her poetry..

      I'm sure there's an App for that.

    3. Ben Holmes

      IT'S A TRAP!

      1. Tom 13

        Yes, but it's too late.

        He's already married to her.

    4. Leona A
      Thumb Up

      and so you should :)

  6. David Perry 2

    What a woman says = reverse pyschology

    But my gf loved the pink dvd player I bought her for Christmas (my idea completely, partly helped by the fact hers needed taking to the tip). And is getting a pink iPhone cover when she gets my 3GS (4S for me in a month or two).

    Picture cos it's cool.

    That is all.

  7. RobE
    Paris Hilton

    Not Pink

    I remember reading not too long ago that if something is pink it is instantly more attractive to females. I'd still stick to tried and tested colours or as the previous commentor rightly states... anything expensive and shiny!


    "This last group of women is ten per cent larger than it was a year ago, showing girls"...

    are steadily putting on weight.

    1. Tom 13

      Does this laptop

      make my thighs look big?

  9. Leona A
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    I'd love some tech for valentines (or any other occasion actually) but living with a technophobic I guess there is a really low chance of that happening :) We are going to a Crocodile Zoo for the day though, which is pretty cool.

  10. Mark Shaffer

    "Smaller Body Frames"

    So these are not the same women I see at the WalMart. That seems right, because the latter seem more interested in giant containers of soft drinks and snacks.

  11. Realiti Czech

    Bet they want these gadgets to be waterproof

    "Women don’t want to be catered to with ultra-feminine looking products; they simply prefer lightweight devices that can fit smaller hands and smaller body frames,”

    I've got one of those!

  12. Local Group

    When the working day is done


    They wanna have fu-un.


    Just wanna

    Girls just wanna have fu-un...

    They just wanna,

    They just wanna....

    They just wanna

    They just wanna....


  13. Anonymous Coward


    That's the tech they want.

  14. Local Group

    "That's the tech they want."

    Only when they can't get the real thing.

    You ought to get out more often. Studs have an obligation to serve the fair sex, no?

    Use it, or lose it, as the expression goes. :-)

  15. JohnG Silver badge


    "A device's colour comes right at the bottom of the list of a woman's considerations when choosing kit, the CEA found."

    My wife must be in the minority then - colour and styling are key factors in her choice of tech.

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