back to article Toshiba 14in USB LCD Mobile Monitor

It sounds like a great idea: a 14in LCD monitor that connects using USB. Perfect for tablets, netbooks and mobile phones, right? Well no, because it doesn’t work with them. That’s not to say Toshiba’s Monitor is entirely without merit. It’s a neat looking device, similar in size to a slim laptop and weighing the same as a …


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  1. Gordan


    So, this is like one of those Mimo USB monitors used on SheevaPlugs, only without drivers for anything but Windows?

  2. Jon Massey


    Since when did Linux not run on PCs? Just a question of drivers, it's a bit crap that Tosh haven't got broader range of OS support at launch, maybe will arrive in time or wait until some clever hackers get their hands on it!

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Optional power adaptor?

    That's ludicrous for a device that only works at half brightness without it. As a result the mark seems somewhat generous.

    Considering how much a PSU would cost Toshiba at source, they are really taking the mickey by not including it.

    1. Nuno

      "Toshiba expects you to rely on the power coming from your laptop, which is convenient, and fine if you can have it plugged into the mains" - So, you don't want to have the laptop plugged into the mains and, at the same time, you want to do it with the monitor... makes perfect sense!

  4. A knight who until recently said "Ni!"

    Just what I needed! Albeit a year too late. I use my Android tablet as a second monitor now, slightly laggy sure but conveniently that's not noticed with what I use it for. I suspect a fair chunk if the target market may do the same.

  5. Raithmir

    I have a 7" Mimo touch screen jobbie, works great. Gets used mainly for messenger chat windows and media player.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    you're being too harsh! ;)

    after all, Toshiba is not a consumer electronics company, nosir. They make, oh, I don't know... bicycles, tin openers, books, fluffy toys, etc. You can't expect them to come up with an ITC product to "meet and exceed customers' expectations", relevant in 2011/2012, thus producing a healthy revenue for the said company, right?


  7. Gordon 10 Silver badge

    Cheap Tablet better value

    A cheap 10" tablet would provide similar functionality and much more besides, using Airdisplay or the Android equivalent.

    Cant see the point.

  8. TakeTheSkyRoad

    Bigger Screen Needed

    I take an Acer w500 out on business trips and it works great at the client site as long as they have a spare monitor I can plug into. However back at the hotel the 10" screen is a bit small so an add on screen would be great to decrease me reliance on that spare desk and to help working from the hotel.

    That said I'm not going to bother if it's only 14" and anyway the w500 has a res of 1,280 x 800 !

    Nice idea but not big enough screen or res to help me

    1. JC_

      Hotel TV?

      Carry a HDMI cable and plug it into the hotel room TV? Or get a laptop with a bigger screen?

  9. Dr. Mouse Silver badge

    Android Support

    Android support is likely to be very difficult. From what I've seen, the architecture of Android dcoesn't lend itself to changing hardware very well. Although the undelying Linux system may support them, many parts including interfaces to the display & audio are hard-coded for their particular hardware.

    People may correct me if I am wrong, I'm certainly no expert on this.

  10. Dotter
    Thumb Down

    Yay, another max. 1366x768 monitor!

    1. Sooty

      In my day!

      you youngsters today don't know you're born, In the good old days 640x480 was high definition!

  11. AdamWill

    probably does work with Linux

    Google suggests this is just a standard DisplayLink monitor, in which case it should be possible to get it working with Linux. We do have a DisplayLink driver (in fact, this being Linux, several!), though it's a bit not-out-of-the-boxy.

    1. Random Handle

      No probably about it....

      1. AdamWill


        so you're relying on there being no ambiguities in the standard and no possibility at all of the first person to try this particular bit of hardware running into a bug, then?

        you must be new here. =)

        me, i've been doing this a while. 'probably' is about as categorical as I'm willing to get when it comes to hardware support.

  12. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    I'm trying very hard (and failing) to think of a use for this.

  13. hamlet

    Oh really?

    MacOS drivers are available, and as previous comments have suggested, the standard DisplayLink framebuffer driver distributed with modern versions of linux works too - surgery needs to be made to X to enable to work in a friendly manner - it's a bit tough to blame Toshiba for this - it doesn't work very well for multiple graphics cards in any case.

    Also, as had also been said in the comments, if you don't want your laptop battery to drain, it is generally easier to plug your laptop into the mains than the attached monitor, and more useful (i.e. the laptop battery can actually charge up rather than not just discharge slightly slower). And the brightness is not an awful lot different to be honest.

    Even in hotel rooms I find a device like this (or one the ever spawning equivalents) easier use for productivity enhancement than trying to use the TV and craning my neck halfway around the room rather than just next to the laptop screen..

  14. Goat Jam


    I swear, Toshiba has to be the most frustratingly inept technology company out there.

    Is there a product that they produce these days that doesn't suck in the sort of way that makes you think "that device is a neat idea and has potential, it's a pity about <deal breaking idiocy> though"

    Do they still make telly's? Maybe they are OK.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Toshiba

      I recently bought a 22" Toshiba telly-with-DVD for the bedroom. It turned out not to include VESA mounting holes, so wallmounting not easily possible....

  15. DRendar

    Include a D-PORT ( and therefore capability to connect via D-PORT, DVI or HDMI) and up the resolution to something usable - like 1680x1050 (or higher) and you are onto a winner.

    When you're sat in a datacentre with 6 putty sessions, 2 asdm windows, 2 checkpoint dashboards plus browsers etc - you'd kill for more screen space. Having something like this tucked in your laptop bag would be a winner, but USB only?


  16. Rob 85

    hopefully this will be coming to the UK

    similar, but 16", fully USB powered, DisplayLink so drivers available for most OSs and oh $130 so cheaper too..........

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