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Hitachi Data Systems intends to join the server flash storage party, throwing its NAND hat into the ring to speed application I/O and increase the virtual machine population. It is joining EMC, NetApp and possibly HP. Dell has said it is doing something too, leaving IBM as the only unknown. Here is an HDS' statement from …


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  1. Lorddraco

    differentiation from existing storage

    Seems that other storage company is joining the fray to have end-to-end flash strategy.

    FusionIO is excellent technology (natively connect to PCIe instead via a disk controller) that pumped up high IO and superb low latency which easily beats SSD (SAS/FC/SATA base) whether on server or at Storage.

    But short coming is the single point of failure unless one using software to replication synchronous to another server or card.

    EMC leading the trend here definitely to address high-speed requirement and protection at the same time.... definitely lots of me-too response from many other company.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      EMC leading the trend ... REALLY?

      I wouldn't say that EMC was leading the trend at all. There was very little substance in the VFCache announcement really, it was more statement of direction and futures. A lot like everyone else. What EMC have delivered in this first iteration is largely useless.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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