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If you've ever wanted to manage your Android phone from your computer's desktop then AirDroid is the answer to your prayers. Installation and use are blindingly simple. Point a web browser to the handset's IP address of your local network - it's provided by the app - then type in the supplied password and you're in. You can …


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  1. Alex Walsh

    Great app, doesn't correctly identify my 32gig SD card though, for some reason it thinks it's a 10gig card. Works like a feature enhanced version of iFiles on the iPhone. Great little app.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    try Remote Web Desktop by SmartDog Studio. Doesn't look quite as polished at first glance for basic functionality but does have a load of really powerful add-ons for anyone who has root access.

  3. Lord Elpuss Silver badge


    Why would you want this? Serious question, no insult intended. I can imagine why you'd want to manage your computer from your phone, but the other way round?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      The killer feature

      is the option to export apk files - if you have more than one Android device you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. Sending and reading texts in the browser is a pretty handy feature too.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      for me it's music

      If regularly work at remote stations - with this I can quickly connect to my phone and play my tunes through my desktop speakers. It's got dozens of uses, which is the main one will vary from person to person.

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Big Screen Phone

      Since ElReg featured DeskSMS I've been using it in a similar manner. Swapping between phone and PC is a tell tail sign that you're off texting the missus all the time, but with something like this then you can send and receive messages etc from your desktop

    4. Lunatik

      As the discipline of the various app developers is, how can I put this politely, *varied* and files seem to end up scattered about interal and external storage, it is very handy to be able to browse and find files again.

      Your Instragram-type apps are bad for this, sticking photos in their own folders instead of the main system resource folder.

    5. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Reason No 1: I can use a 22 inch screen to f... about, instead of a 3.5 inch (yeah, I know, it could be whole 1 inch longer... er... bigger, but what f... difference does this make, really ;)

      Reason No 2: I could use a full-size keyboard to f... about (change file names, reorganize folders, etc), instead of this f... virtual non-keyboard thinngy for people with micro-sized hands

      Reason No 3: backing up apks using reason No1 and No2

      that said, I can plug the mobile to my usb port (eh?) and do the same anyway (well, minus th apk backup)

    6. Ian Watkinson

      Really, you have to ask that question? Text messages for one. Sure for email, it's probably just as easy to go to another mail app and type in a response, but if you deal with a lot of text messages, then typing on a big keyboard is great. I used to do it with an app on the old Sony Ericsson P9x series, and it was great. Also good if you don't have access to your email other than on the phone (no web access secure proxy etc) as you can then type long email as well.

    7. Sirius365
      Thumb Up

      Myself I find it handy to have this open in the steam browser so I can fire off a few reply's to my sms's while having my arse kicked in some random game.

    8. Steve Button

      RE: Why would you want this?

      So you can send TXT messages from your PC without fiddling with the silly little keyboard. Easily. Use some of the 600 free ones I get every month. Can type about 4 times as fast on a real keyboard. 'nuff said.

    9. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      maybe so people at work cannot see that you are sending text messages? Phone stays in your pocket, fingers type on normal keyboard!

  4. HMB

    How do they make money?

    Maybe I haven't dug around enough, but how do these guys make money? They have a professional looking site and it's all very smart in appearance, but it makes me quite uncomfortable not knowing how they plan on making money from me when they're not asking for any.

    Have people stopped asking this question or something?

    1. Gio Ciampa

      Perhaps they do it for the enjoyment of doing it?

      Why does it have to be about the money?

    2. bluesxman

      RE: How do they make money?

      I imagine this is the key phrase in the article: "Technically, AirDroid is still in beta"

      Don't be too surprised if it becomes payware/adware/crippleware (or some combination thereof) around about the same time it ceases to be "in beta".

  5. clarknova
    Thumb Up

    An excellent app

    Airdroid is great, seems to be the best way of transferring content to my Galaxy Nexus which doesn't seem to support USB disk mounting. Airdroid doesn't always like transferring very large files though but that may be down to my home wifi.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I already have some of this provided on my Motorola through their Moto phone portal, but this seems to be worth a look.

  7. frank ly Silver badge


    I've just installed and used it and it looks very good and since it seems to be a phone-based web server then I can control my Incredible, Wildfire and Vega simultaneously in three different tabs (because I can).

    One mildly annoying thing was that I could rearrange the buttons by dragging them, but they returned to their original locations when one of them was pressed, so I won't do it again.

    I tried to connect over the WiFi hotspot with mobile data running but this doesn't work (because of Android I think). It would be nice if this did work so you could connect your phone and laptop while away from home.

    The AirDroid task manager showed that GTO, GoogleDocs and Dropbox were running on my phone even though the Android Running Services list did not show them. After killing them in Airdroid, they did not show again until I started then stopped them on the phone. Maybe somebody can shed some light on this?

  8. mungo54

    wired connection?

    This looks great but I can't easily connect both my phone and pc to the same wireless network at work. Does anyone know if there's an app with this functionality that will work over a wire connection?

    1. Steven Raith

      It doesn't need to be a wireless network for the client computer

      Just the same network.

      My Macbook is on a wire to my router, phone on wireless - works a treat, as long as it's on the same subnet.

      As for being outside of the network, I'd put £5 on port forwarding sorting that little problem; it just doesn't uPnP it by default.

      Steven R

  9. rg20

    Camera control?

    Can I turn on, watch and use the phones camera?

    Would make a useful remote controlled camera!

    1. AceRimmer


      but Remote Web Desktop by SmartDog Studio does

  10. h3

    I dunno anyone would choose to type on a phone given the option of a real keyboard so this seems like it should be a good idea.

    It is not that good though. (Prefer a native application to a webui).

    I would like full remote control (with 3d perhaps with a modified VirtualGL) none of the vnc based ones are good enough quality though for me. (The latest versions of rdp manage it so it is totally possible to offload stuff).

    Don't get why people choose to use the least convenient device (the phone) (Except in the times it is most convenient (i.e out and about).)

    PC>Laptop>Ultra portable>Tablet>Phone (Indoors) -

    (outdoors or out and about) I use what ever is comfortable to do the job I need to. (Ideally nothing certainly not facebook).

    Dunno why people want web anything either. (Anything web seems to be total junk other than a few exceptions (e.g the Bastion chrome web app).

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