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CES 2012 Week I’ve not bought a TV guide for many a moon, but that doesn’t mean I want to sit in So, to keep abreast of what’s on the box, I depend on the app which is easy to understand, simple to use and, above all, fast. Open the app and you're presented with a clear and easy-to-read list of what’s on at the …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Brilliant, it's just like the guide built into every TV set.

    1. Pooka

      Which is fine, if you are using a tv and not a net connection. I like the idea of this for Sky Go...

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  2. dotdavid
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    Will try this when I get home.

    Can it be set to easily display only the channels on, for example, Virgin's L package? Also does it include channel numbers?

    Both would be nice features :-)

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  3. SynicNZ

    not quite good enough

    Still shows the old shit programmes

  4. Preacher
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    Sky+ / Tivo

    This doesn't appear to have the Sky+ Remote Record or Virgin Tivo function that app has, poor effort.

  5. jay_bea
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    Re: Filter

    You can select the channels that it shows, but it does not display the channel numbers.

    Great app for quickly checking what's on and setting reminders, although I am still waiting patiently for Digiguide to make an Android version, as Digiguide for Windows is the king of TV Guides.

    1. Arnold Lieberman
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      Digiguide FTW

      Been using it for several years, glued to DVBViewer recording Service via DABDig so I can click on a programme in digiguide and get it to record every instance on whatever channel. If only it linked to XBMC PVR, the rest of the family could join in.

  6. benjymous


    I discovered this app over Christmas too - it made finding something to watch much easier than slowly navigating clunky EPGs

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    1. dotdavid

      I prefer...

      ...the word 'picture' personally. Or at the very least 'cinematograph'.

      All you youngsters with your fancy film tapes should imagine what things were like in the good old days. I remember when...

      1. frank ly


        I'lll stick with 'kinematograph', until something better comes along.

  8. ElNumbre
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    I've been using this app for the last 9 months ago, and it seems pretty good. The only problem I have is that (rarely), it will spontaneously rearrange the channges into some random order.

    I just wish Digiguide made a version of their Windows app for Android tables.

  9. The Original Ash
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    iPlayer, 4oD, DemandFive, Sky Go, ITV Player... I don't see the point of a TV guide anymore. Hell, I don't see the point of a TV unless it's connected to a media centre..

    1. Arnold Lieberman

      Which will be fantastic

      When every single programme can be watched for at least a year after first broadcast.

  10. Zack Mollusc


    I programmed up my own tv guide app years ago.

    Well, I say 'app', it is just a text file which reads "CRAP!"

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