back to article Happy Birthday Intel 4004, and thanks for all the chips

It's 40 years since Intel baked the first microprocessor, so celebrate by buying The Register's latest ebook, Happy Birthday Intel 4004. In this ebook, El Reg's RIk Myslewski traces Intel's path from the 4004, Intel's 2,300 transistor, 10 micron wunderkind of 1971, through to the 22nm, multi-billion transistor, multi-core …


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  1. Armando 123

    "and wondering where the time went"

    .... Uh, it went to reading the ebook?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Is The Register replacing it's all its articles with downloadable Kindle books?

    There's better ways of charging subscription fees you know...

    1. phils11


      also where are El Reg staff buying stuff, first it was the pint that cost more than £4.60 and now its the Birthday Card that costs more than £2.20.

      Around where I live that £4.60 will get you two pints and the £2.20 will afford you 15 different cards

      1. diodesign (Written by Reg staff) Silver badge

        Re: Pricey?

        The joys of working in Soho.


  3. Christian Berger Silver badge

    If I spend money on something

    I would like to get something. Having some vague rights to some book isn't something I'd spend my money on. Offer it as PDF or ePub or something and I'll bite.

  4. Alastair Dodd 1
    Thumb Down

    other stores perhaps?

    you keep on going on about amazon lock in yet you support it by only selling through their store for ebooks - sort it out Reg!

  5. Gene Cash Silver badge

    Only if available in dead-tree format

    I don't do ebooks until the UIs vastly improve. For example, Android Books can't display footnotes, but it can display the little asterisk denoting one and apparently the latest Pratchett book has a ton of 'em, none of which I can see. Very irritating.

  6. Daniel Garcia 2
    Thumb Down


    I feel cheated, this is not an article, it's an ad!!!

    1. Reverend Brown

      Most everything under the "Site News" category is. It's the lesser remarked upon cousin's barber's brother's IT angle in the Bootnotes situation.

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