back to article Sony creates paper battery

Sony boffins have built a battery out of paper. The so-called "bio battery" uses enzymes to catalyse the breakdown of glucose stored within the cellulose that forms the paper's wood pulp fibres. Sony bio battery The battery has a structure that keeps reaction elements separate to encourage the flow of hydrogen ions and, to …


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  1. Jim_aka_Jim

    '....with the glucose coming directly from the juice.'

    So you can tell if it's a diet drink or not by how loudly it tells you how fat you are, i love it!

    1. Havin_it

      Oh HELL NO!

      Stop stealing the glucose from my drink ya bas!

      Also, will taking a swig not be like licking a battery?

      1. Jim_aka_Jim

        I would give whole new meaning to the phrase 'flat coke'.

        1. LuMan

          Surely this would be better suited to an energy drink of sorts?

  2. Efros

    And for this!!!

    "The upshot is a very thin battery which, Sony reckons, can drive annoying musical birthday cards and such."

    The inventors will spend all eternity in the 9th circle of Hell!

    1. moylan

      insufficient suffering!

      and hopefully they'll have the company of mozart and a banjo. :-)

    2. Arctic fox

      @Efros. Forced to listen to their drinks cartons playing the same tune.......

      ............again and again and again and again.

  3. hitmouse

    At last

    something to run my deskpad!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Musical drinks

    Presumably battery enzymes digest the carton and the soda inside, while playing a selection of songs by 'Pop Will Eat Itself'?

    1. Treeboy

      Surely, no selection...

      .. .just "Go Box Frenzy".

  5. It wasnt me
    Thumb Down

    Sony batteries eh.....

    No-one's ever seen them catch fire before, and now they're going to make them out of dead trees. This will end intears, I tell you.

  6. Jonathan Richards 1

    Food safety

    > It also suggested musical drinks cartons, with the glucose coming directly from the juice.

    Oh, yeah. I'm going to trust *Sony* to make something safe to stuff into my drinks. It's enough of a problem coming up with safe *inks* for food cartons.

  7. Rusty 1

    Oh no... paper has gone flat!

  8. Andy 70

    argh! annoying electronic hallmark day cards!

    oh wait.

    paper gets broken down, huh.... so... these cards are going to be crying a chorus of "i'm melting! help me, i'm melting! oh what a world, what a world....." *HSSSSSsssssssssssss.......*

    and cue the single use birthday cards...?

    and people like me opening every card in the shop.

  9. Wize

    "It also suggested musical drinks cartons, with the glucose coming directly from the juice."

    Will the power be used to drive a dynamic display on the %gda of glucose as it burns it out?

    Or maybe an LED on the 'Best before'

  10. TheRealRoland

    think about the possibilities!

    When you drink your milk, the circuits in your drinkbox makes that 'mooooh'ing sound :-)

  11. lawndart


    As it is Sony, presumably the paper will be made from specially prepared trees.

    The ones with the rootkit.

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    When do they start getting glucose from blood?

    Plumb yourself in for a personal power pack. So long as the body can cope with the gluconolactone that is...

  13. Eddy Ito Silver badge

    Not a battery

    If you can power a musical juice box from the juice then it seems reasonable to think that once the original juice becomes sugar free it could be replaced with fresh sugar water or even just added sugar and it would get going again. That isn't a battery, it's a fuel cell.

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So just to confirm...

    ...Sony, a company well known for supplying spontaneously combusting batteries to all and sundry, is developing a battery made of paper.


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