back to article Motorola parks tanks on Apple's German lawn

Motorola Mobility has gained an injunction against Apple sales in Germany, through careful application of owed royalties on previous infringements, but enforcing it will cost Motorola €100m in bond money. That money has to be lodged with the court in case a later ruling overrides this decision. It's a lot less than the €2bn …


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  1. Peter 48

    Did Apple and IPCom have to do the same?

    Just curious, did Apple or IPCom have to provide a bond for their injunction requests against Samsung and HTC respectively? Or is there a special reason for it in this case?

  2. LarsG


    YOU WILL hear the sound of how the mighty has fallen.

  3. Tom Maddox Silver badge

    I don't have any comment about the Apple vs. Motorola case; I just came in here to rant angrily about the mention of Florian Mueller.

  4. BanjoPaterson
    Thumb Up

    In the words of Nelson Muntz

    HA HA

  5. micheal
    Black Helicopters

    Once again

    besides a useless comment from someone who's only interest is to see his name on the net more times than Julian Ass(sad)ange.

    Else good on Moto, but the fact that the Aussie courts didnt ask for a similar bond from Apple makes you wonder how many judges are fanbois and get free xmas i-Products in the post

  6. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Shouldn't the headline be 'Google parks tank painted with Motorola logo on Apple's German lawn'?

    Just saying...

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