back to article Vodafone releases Samsung Android 4.0 smartphone

Confirmation - if it was really needed - that Vodafone was holding back the Samsung Galaxy Nexus because of the infamous volume drop glitch: the day after Google and Samsung fix the bug, Vodafone starts selling the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich handset. The operator is offering the dual-core smartphone free on a £41-a-month …


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  1. Eponymous Cowherd

    If my Vodafone Sensation is anything to go by......

    They are working out how to cram a shedload of uninstallable shitty foistware onto the thing.

    1. Z80

      Don't you mean ununinstallable?

      1. Eponymous Cowherd
        Thumb Up

        I missed an un

        Or should it be unremovable?

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Word of the day methinks

  2. jestersbro

    750mb! For a google phone!

    The plan they are offering it on is, frankly, sh*te! I use anywhere from 1 -3+ Gb per month on everything from Facebook, twitter, Skype and browsing to tethering. How much extra is it to tether? Voda are taking the p*ss. The same phone is already on sale through 3 and the package is way better. No restrictions on tethering for a start. I hope it burns them and anyone stupid enough to go with them.

    Oh, I don't work for 3 by the way, nor am I sponsored. I do use the service, sim free one plan, and do accept they have customer service issues but for what you pay you get so much more. It's all about a well put together cost/benefit analysis in these straightened times.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    41 squid a month?

    that's a lorra lorra dosh, as Cilla might have said. Almost a grand all in.

  4. TJ 2


    They are also offering 2GB over BT Openzone too with the tarrif, and the phone can of course use Wifi when available, when @work, @Home @starbucks when writing a novel on your imac. (ignore that last one lol, just being cynical)

    £15pm for 2GB data otherwise.

    They are also promoting their "3months all you can eat" for date at the mo, so you can at least take the piss with that before you decide on how much data you need.

    I just ordered the Galaxy Note, was going to go with the Nexus but I see Samsung are gonna patch it to ICS next year so went with the bigger format. Funnly enough, I didn't go with Vodafone, I went with orange who are offering the same deal with a few more minutes talk time and 1GB a month + Some BT Openzone chucked in.. Shame really, I do prefer Vodafone for data due to coverage (not just UK). but wth.

    When checking all packages with the latest Samsung phones, NONE of the major players will give you more than 1GB data... so not really anthing to complain about.... Vodafone are offering 750Mb/+2GB BTOpenzone for the same £41 with the free handset.

  5. JDX Gold badge



  6. Lloyd
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    Vodafone would hold back though

    Their network connectivity is up and down like Jordan's undergarments.

  7. Richard Wharram

    Buy unlocked with Giffgaff SIM seems the way forward as usual.

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