back to article BT, EE's mobe broadband trial jump-starts Cornish village

Halfway through their Cornish next-gen mobile broadband trial, BT and Everything Everywhere have demonstrated that sharing LTE infrastructure and radio spectrum works - and that they might even be able to make it pay. The companies worked together to install Long-Term Evolution (LTE) tech into two base stations, and supply 180 …


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  1. Morat

    Someone should propose this as part of the Gov's spending splurge on infrastructure

    Personally I'd rather see this than the HS2 rail line or a couple of hundred Eurofighters in a shed. How deep into the countryside are they looking to push this? How will coverage compare with 3G? The really tricky parts of the country don't get decent ADSL OR 3G.

  2. Guillermo Lo Coco

    XMPP ?

    "The team demonstrated how easily an LTE network could prioritise a video stream, at the cost of other network traffic, and while tariffs weren't discussed it's obvious that one might decide to pay for such prioritisation services."

    Mmh. Prioritizing... What could we expect for SIP or Jingle (XMPP) ?

    ¿ Net neutrality ? Neelie Kroes save us !

  3. APA

    "The really tricky parts of the country don't get decent ADSL OR 3G"

    Ha! Forget "tricky", huge chunks supposed civilised East Anglia don't get 3G! I work within spitting distance of Cambridge, where is it supposed to be "silicon fen", and can only get 3G if the wind is in the right direction (no, seriously) and get no 3G reception at all three miles up the road where I live. Its not like its a hard to access area which is the excuse for some counties, with major N/S and E/W trunk roads on my doorstep (A1, A14, M11) I would have thought infrastructure would have follow them to a certain extent. (Bonus question: name two counties with no motorways at all. Clue: one of them was in the article). As I travel around the country seeing family members, it doesn't seem to get much better either. As far as I can see, unless you live in a large town you're screwed.

    It makes the data bundle on my mobile tariff a bad joke; 250MB really isn't a lot but there's no way I can use that much in a month via 2G.

  4. mrs doyle

    fibre is the answer for rural areas

    a wireless or mobile cloud needs a fibre feed to function properly, so no rural areas will have that, and if they did then its a simple enough job to do fibre to the homes and businesses, and wireless and mobile could complement and sit on top of a real internet connection. Trying to substitute expensive alternatives won't work. The whole job will be to do again.

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