back to article Google bows before Europe for Motorola's hand in marriage

Google has applied to the European Commission for regulatory approval for its acquisition of Motorola Mobility. Back in August, the Chocolate Factory announced its plans to snap up the smartphone maker for $12.5bn, but it needs permission from a number of groups before the deal can go through. The web giant got through one …


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  1. Curly4

    Google wireless

    This would be a good time for Google to also consider buying T-Mobile USA. That way Google could have the operating system, the manufacturing of the handset and the wireless system on which the handset is used.

    If they do consider a T-Mobile purchase they should NOT disallow other manufacturers from using the Android on their handsets nor not carrying those other handsets on their network.

    1. brainbone


      The thought of an ad-supported mobile operator is interesting, but I would guess that the second Google announced plans to acquire T-Mobile USA, other mobile operators would announce that they will no longer be selling Android based equipment.

      1. Guillermo Lo Coco

        maybe for other operators is too late, consumers want android. let the snow ball begin...

    2. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      Google is not full stack

      What you suggest may suit Apple which wants complete control but not 100 % market share. They are simply not interested ARPU of less than USD 100 which is way above what you can expect from mobile phones at the moment - last check I made was about USD 30 and still falling.

      Google wants to be on everyone's device all the time so one network just isn't enough. As it is they are on pretty much everyone's network for the relatively cheap investment of 4 years Android development. T-Mobile would cost around USD 30 thousand million just to purchase and requires extensive investment to remain competitive, which is why it's being sold in the first place.

  2. alwarming

    Probably Google secretly hopes...

    ... that this deal would be denied!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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