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It might just be me, but as Ezio Auditore effortlessly scales yet another tower, it’s hard to shake the feeling we've been here before. I know it's the continuation of a story arc, and I know that the game's engine – as already rolled out in last year's Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood – is already adequate enough in its animation …


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  1. lansalot


    I've loved the whole series, Brotherhood was a brilliant game. But, this mini-tower-defense thing is utterly crap and takes you right out of the game you're playing. It's bolted on, it jars, the execution is appalling, boring and just plain irritates.

    Ubisoft could do with a patch to disable that crap for those that would rather just get on with playing the game they thought they were buying.

    Oh, and Ubisoft - your code to allow me to play online is SHIT. I pay my xbox live subscription to enable online play, so stop trying to screw anyone who dares buy the game second-hand. You grasping little wankers. This is how it works in the real world, and just because you feel you deserve a cut because I've finished your game and someone else wants to buy it doesn't entitle you to another slice.

    You don't see me paying Ford a chunk when I buy my car secondhand, do you ?

  2. MJI Silver badge

    Will be getting eventually

    Still need to finish the side missions in AC2B before it grabbed me and forced me to complete the story first.

    First was good but very repetative, artwork very good, some graphics (for early game) astounding, but suffered severe frame rate drop & screen tearing.

    Second was a lot better, stlll has the same clunky controls as now, but texture pop in is more prevelant. I still remember running along a clear street then a load of baddies materialised straight in front of me.

    Second part 2, better engine, not quite as clunky, but getting too many games.

    Second part 3, will buy eventually. Doesn't sound that special.

    I still have a huge pile of games I haven't got my moneys worth out of. Yet I do not feel the need to replay AC single player much, did half the first one again until I discovered Uncharted.

  3. Andy Barker

    Misread it first time

    Dunno why, but at first glance of the title I though the article was about Assange!

    Maybe it was the word "Revelations" that tricked my small brain. Or maybe I am hoping an assassin will relieve us of Assange.

    Have a fun weekend

    1. Ben Holmes

      Think yourself lucky...

      ...I read it as 'Arse Angel'. So there.

    2. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      Funny Guy.

      Maybe I'm hoping that a cancer will relieve us of YOU.

  4. KroSha

    "...wait with the rest of us to see what real revelations Assassin’s Creed 3 might have in store. A future world setting? You know it makes sense."

    Very unlikely, as the major plot point of the whole AC series is an impending disaster that will occur if the Templars manage to launch their satellite on 1 Dec 2012. I expect that AC3 will be majorly focused on Desmond using his Assassin skills to stop this from happening.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RE: lansalot

    Brotherhood was horrible game, played it for all of 35 mins before i uninstalled and deleted it, the controls was the most stupidist thing i have ever played on a PC.

    [comic book guy]

    Worst. Game. Ever

    [/comic book guy]

    1. yoinkster
      Thumb Down

      They are not shy with the fact that game is very much designed to be played with a controller. For £30 you can get a wireless xbox controller for PC and it'll transforms many games from "meh" to "woah, so *this* is what everyone is talking about".

      Imagine how bad xbox players must think the Command and Conquer games were, but you'd never be allowed to tell a PC gamer anything like that because the C&C games were excellent. They were never designed with controllers in mind however and likewise Assassin's Creed is fully aimed at controllers and not a keyboard and mouse.

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