back to article OpenCL ratchets up to version 1.2

OpenCL, the open-source standard for programming heterogeneous computing systems – aka CPU/GPU mashups – has reached version 1.2 with the ratification and public release of its latest specification documentation. "The OpenCL working group is listening carefully to feedback from the developer and middleware community to provide …


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  1. David Haworth

    so what uses it?

    as the title says… OS X supposedly supports OpenCL but I don't think I've ever come across a program that uses it yet. anyone got any tips?

  2. amehaye

    DirectX and 'Open' in the same statement

    Wasn't OpenCL supposed to be cross-platform?

    I must have missed something.

  3. James Hughes 1


    Does anyone know the correct approach for *implementing* OpenCL on a piece of HW? Rather than just using an existing OpenCL implementation.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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