back to article Jobs neck and neck with 'angry people' for Time award

Steve Jobs looks set to go head to head with "angry people" for Time magazine's Person of the Year, if a panel staged by the weekly news magazine yesterday is anything to go by. However, Jobs has one major handicap in running for the role, as Time managing editor Rick Stengel pointed out: “We’ve never actually chosen a dead …


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  1. Crofty616


    Originally I wrote a whole rant on how they could possibly justify this, and that anyone working at Time should be ashamed.

    But you know what, since its defined as the person who "has most influenced the news – for better or for ill" It pains me to admit that he probably should win.

    From the fanatical following of Ipads/Ipones, patent wars, and ultimately his death this is probably the case.

    ... I fucking hate Apple.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      RE: WTF

      You can hate Apple all you like, at least their OS is better than WInblows!

      1. Crofty616

        Mr Cook, how nice of you to comment ;).

      2. Naughtyhorse

        their OS

        yup xerox did some good work there

  2. Craig 12

    I'm fine with really smart or influential people winning a popularity contest, but now I'm losing to dead people? :(

  3. Trainee grumpy old ****

    Mohammed Bouazizi

    If the man of the year is to be a dead man then it should be the Tunisian fruit seller whose self-immolation kicked off the Arab Spring.

  4. David Kelly 2

    Who is dead?

    “We’ve never actually chosen a dead person." I can think of pretty good arguments in support of a claim that the "Angry People" are also dead. They are angry and do a very poor job of explaining why, and even poorer job of explaining how they could be made happy.

    If they knew a viable way to be happy you'd think they would go out and do it. But look at the society they create in their Occupy camps and ask if thats what we want?

    1. Martin Lyne

      Just a little heads up - these people don't want to be rich beyond imagining. They want to stop banks being irresponsible, wasting taxpayers money and spiralling us into another greed-fuelled recession.

      Protesting is the only method left to "go out and do" that.

      The protest might not achieve its core aim - but it can raise awareness and stop people thinking they can do nothing to influence the system that supposedly works "for us" (but is most definitely funded by us)

      If I had to choose between more protesters or more bankers. I'll take the protesters thanks. One protester fucking up means a tent burns down. One banker fucking up can bring down all of goddamned "civilisation".

      I'm not even going to go near the Arab Spring. People rebelling against oppressive governments. Pretty much the definition of "going out there and doing it".

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    presumably it will be like last year

    where regardless of who wins the vote, the editors will choose their own preferred candidate

    1. Trokair 1
      Thumb Down


      Like it is every year........

  6. Lars Silver badge


    "that you could look at a piece of glass or plastic and move your finger"

    He did invent that?

    What happens to a saint when it dies?, similar things happened with people like

    Stalin and Mao. I have forgotten the name of the saint in North Korea who was

    the inventor of his whole country and people.

  7. Henry Wertz 1 Gold badge


    I do believe in the 99%ers, the fact of the matter is the few incompetent banks should NOT have been bailed out, FDIC could have backed peoples accounts and they would have moved them to the numerous competent banks that have invested properly instead of going for "big gains" in investments they were flat-out told were dangerous to invest in. I could make money like an investment bank if I "knew" I could invest in as risky of investments I want, and the taxpayer will bail me out if my investments drop. High Frequency Trading is ridiculous too, and again a select few firms make endless profits off HFT, but several times when they've made a mistake that LOST them money, the stock exchange has actually *rolled back* their mistaken trades and returned their money. Who else can say "Oops, I made a mistake, please undo my trades. Thanks."?

    That said, "angry people" aren't a person, so I can't see this being a person of the year, and Steve Jobs didn't do anything special this year to warrant it either. I guess Time can do whatever they want though 8-)

  8. kapus72

    Steve Jobs deserves this award. He's the only one in this list who has actually ever changed the world. In fact, he changed the world several times since since the late 70's (Apple II, Mac, Pixar, iPod, iPhone, iPad). The Occupy Wall Street people are morons and all the Arab Spring people did was replace their corrupt leaders with a government that will be based on Islamic religious principles. I am withholding judgement on whether or not that's going to be an improvement (see Iran).

  9. Microphage

    Were we watching the same video?

  10. Tac Eht Xilef


    "Neither Lenin or Jobs had any links to Bulgaria, though both men famously wore round glasses."

    Oh, El Reg, how you disappoint me. Through a complete lack of research you've missed the obvious link :

    I'm so put out by your total inability to perform even the least of the actions expected from professional journalists, that I'm afraid I will no longer be able to read your site. From now on, I'll get all my intelligent and erudite analysis of IT news from Slashdot...

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