back to article Killer smart meters torch Aussie homes!

Victoria’s Metropolitan Fire Brigade has announced an investigation whether smart meters are responsible for three fires that started in switchboards. In a move that’s bound to spark a fear-mongers’ feeding frenzy (for reasons I will get to in a minute), the MFB said that while there’s no evidence of a connection between the …


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  1. veti Silver badge

    You call that fearmongering?

    There's some token whinging about smart meters from the usual suspects in Australia, as well as legitimate concerns centring on the (very good) question "so what exactly is in it for us then?"...

    ... but for real bat-poop insanity in opposition, the Aussies can never hope to rival the Americans. Check out:

    I'm particularly fond of the comment that tells me "electrical induction [is] illegal everywhere in the so-called civilized world". Apparently, whatever "civilization" means in Texas, it's incompatible with radio technology.

    1. Glenn Charles

      Texas, civilization and radio technology.

      At least they've started hearing 'bout the new thing called stereo now.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Fear Monger Fear Monger FEAR MONGER! w00T!

    Just monitor these guys, they seem like they belong to the tin foil underpants brigade in kangaroo land

    one for mobile towers too :-)

    Looks like these nutters have all angles covered down there

  3. -tim

    Fires weren't the reason to end the insulation deal

    It turns out that if you tell a bunch of guys not to staple into wires, some of them will anyway. The number of installers who zapped themselves was considered too high and that was the major reason the other scheme was canceled.

    The smart meter story will get more interesting when the patent trolls start to ask for their cash. The former governments official stance on this issue is that they are members of the Zigbee Alliance who somehow protect them from patent infringement problems.

  4. RightPaddock

    "the MFB said that while there’s no evidence of a connection between the fires and the smart meters installed in them, the brigade has a duty “to investigate any trend or cause of any incidents it attends”.

    Why are they installing smart meters in fires anyway.

    Wouldn't it be better to put the fires out before installing any smart meters

    Anyway I thought Aussies chucked shrimps on their barbies

  5. 0laf Silver badge


    Oh dear, someone must be fined for this unauthorised release of previously fixed carbon. Has anyone calculated the increase in climate change (up / down doesn't matter as long as it's dramatic and we can show a baby animal struggling in a river)?

    We must install some windmills immediately to counteract this, and increase petrol tax by 10%.

    Oh yeah, shame about the dead people.

    (We need an environmental icon pronto! Preferably sarcastic)

  6. Andrew Jones 2

    In Canada according to a friend there is a real concern that Smart Meters cause cancer.....

    just throwing this out there :)

  7. SirDigalot

    thank you for that link to bansmartmeters it was awesome, and i have spent a good few hours laughing at the total bat-crap insanity of those people OMGWTFBBQSAUCE! radiation from teh meterz! arrgghh!

  8. Pete 8


    Glioma yet?

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