back to article Samsung offers Galaxy Nexus pre-orders through Phones4U

Samsung has begun taking advance orders for its Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich-based Galaxy Nexus smartphone. Or, rather, Phones4U has, but it's the supplier Samsung is flagging up on its Facebook page, effectively making the yoof-centric chain Samsung's official Nexus seller. Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus Android 4.0 …


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  1. Peter 26
    Thumb Down

    Personally I refuse to pay over half a grand for a mobile phone. I am sure I'm not the only one.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Phones for you!

    I would rather get an iPhone than buy a phone from Phones for you.


  3. Matthew Anderson

    Lower specs than the Galaxy S 2 so what is the point in this phone other than it running ice cream sarnies?

    1. Nick Wright

      @Matthew Anderson

      The Nexus does have lower-spec front and rear cameras than the Galaxy but it has a physically larger screen (4.65" vs 4.3") with more pixels (720x1280 vs 480x800) and support for LTE (although that isn't much use in this country just yet).

  4. Lloyd

    Phonies 4 U????

    Seriously? I'd rather gnaw my own testes off.

  5. Studley

    Phones4u page updated

    Clicking the "Pre-order" button on the Phones4u Nexus page now takes you to a list of available Vodafone / Orange / O2 tariffs, you'll be coughing up £41p/m if you want the handset for free, or if you don't mind paying £59 up-front for the handset then you can bring it down to £31p/m.

    It does seem a smidge overpriced for its spec, but that's the standard bleeding-edge tax. My contract is up for renewal next week, I was holding out to see what the Nexus pricing was like, but instead I'm now hoping that the demand for the Nexus might knock a few quid off the cost of a Galaxy S2 instead.

  6. aenimiac

    Phones 4 U?

    Wouldn't go near those jokers if you paid me.

  7. HMB

    Who pre-orders a phone without seeing it in person? Possibly the same people who buy a used car without test driving it?

    I still have no idea if it has a Micro SD card slot, before anyone kindly tells me one way or another I should add that I've seen claims in both directions.

    I did think about an S2, but I like the idea of moving the buttons onto the screen for a bigger screen without making the phone bigger.

    Back to waiting till the second half of this month.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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