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The sooner 2012 has been and gone, the better. By the time next year is out, Britain will no longer be transmitting terrestrial telly signals in analogue, and products like Elgato's EyeTV Mobile will be considerably more useful than they are now. True, that largely depends on Arqiva, the business that runs the terrestrial …


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  1. philament

    A word of caution about this product (from one who owns and is happy with an earlier model) - as elgato state on their website, they DON'T handle the freeview HD signal (the DVB-T2 standard). So it's standard def only, which may be fine on smaller screens, but makes the product line look a bit outdated and due for update?

  2. Velv Silver badge

    With free wi-fi and cheaper 3G coverage growing every day, why would you want to add a hardware module such as this to get TV?

    OK, so there might be a few areas where you get Freeview but can't get a 3G signal - but would you really be wanting to watch Freeview in those places anyway?

    The geek in me loves the idea of EyeTV, but the business head says they've just developed the double sided CD player.

  3. Mage Silver badge





    Or is it plain vanilla obsolete DVB-T + MPEG2 + MP2 only?

    The UK will have SD on DVB-T2 + MPEG4 ffrom end 2012

    Some countries ONLY have MPEG4 SD.

    The DTT networks in UK and Ireland are planned assuming roof top aerial. Only those areas in direct close view of transmitter can expect an Indoor aerial to work.

  4. Ian Ferguson

    "iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone"

    Er, iPad 2 only according to their website.

    EyeTV products are excellent quality and the software is very good too. But they are very much consumer products - beyond standard digital Freeview (ie. not HD) don't expect any technical abilities or bells and whistles.

    I use an EyeTV USB widget to watch Freeview while travelling, but it is VERY hard getting a signal, and if you're moving forget about it. As you quite rightly point out this is a failing of the Freeview digital broadcast strength not the product, but it does limit the market of these products.

    1. Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: "iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone"

      Can't address the iPod Touch, but it works on my iPhone 4.

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