back to article Billions on mobe broadband in Ericsson's dystopian future

In the grim, urban future, over half of the planet will have a mobile broadband subscription, according to a report from Ericsson. The new Traffic and Market Data report (PDF) is predicting that there'll be 5 billion mobile broadband subscriptions by 2016 out of a US-Census-Bureau projected population of 7.3 billion (although …


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  1. Mme.Mynkoff

    Something to celebrate

    Cities are great. Life is much less fun in the countryside in a Third World nation -- where you have to marry your cousin.

    Only affluent Westerners seem to think the rest of the world should be stuck in the mud forever, and be happy there.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    "Mobile data traffic is also expected to surge, growing 60 per cent a year every year between now and 2016"

    Its obvious, with a bit of thought for most people. May not be the numbers given, but mobile data usage will only increase.

  3. Phil O'Sophical Silver badge
    Thumb Down


    1000 people per km², and they want to spend their time on the net? Maybe they should get a life and talk to their neighbours instead.

    I'm reminded of Thoreau's definition of city life: millions of people all being lonely together.

  4. Turtle_Fan

    Let me guess....

    A mobile device and infrastructure maker, commissions a report pointing to more demand for their wares!? No s**t.

    Saying that, 5 billion mobile data is dead easy considering the amount of non-phone/tab/laptop things (cars, monitoring devices for the elderly, sensors etc etc) will have their own data plan.

  5. Jacqui

    London, UK

    the city that drinks its own wee-wee (multiple times).

    Also explains why bottled water is so common in big cities :-)

  6. Peter Galbavy

    "... for every 1,000 new broadband connections, 80 new jobs are created."

    Back of a fag packet math; £25/month per connection (premium, business level type) gives us £300/year * 1,000 = £300,000. 80 jobs ? £300,000 / 80 = £3,750/annum per worker. I see a truly dystopian vision here...

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