back to article Desperate RIM in 'buy two PlayBooks, get one free' offer

RIM has resorted to giving away its little-fondled BlackBerry PlayBook as part of a promo to drive sales to biz customers stateside. In a deal usually reserved for commodity items in supermarkets, US firms will be able to buy two PlayBooks and get one free – of the same spec – from now until the end of the year. As previously …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Obsolescence comes cheap

    Thank goodness they don't have the same offer on for CEOs else there would be 3...

  2. RichyS


    But then you'd have 3 shitty PlayBooks instead of two. Which has to be worse. Obviously, none is best.

  3. Jon Press

    .. the right to cancel the PlayBook promotion without notice

    Delete "promotion" and you're probably close to the truth...

  4. 404 Silver badge


    So you have three small screen tabs that won't natively do email without a BB attached to it - yeah that's makes it all the more attractive.

    Whomever is in charge of marketing should be sacked - it almost seems like there was a conscious decision to cripple the playbook in order to sell more BB's.

    I LIKE my Blackberry Storm2 and it is unfortunate that I will most likely have to consider another phone due to RIM's heads being so far up their collective asses.

    Sent from my Acer A500 tab............ lol

  5. HMB

    Playbook, You're Fired

    With the 7" Amazon Kindle at £160 (convert USD price to GBP then add 20% VAT). Knocking £150 off doesn't make an enticing offer.

    Dual booting to Android would probably get these moving, but that would be akin to RIM announcing failure... again.

    Maybe RIM should unofficially and silently sponsor Cyanogen Mod. There you go RIM, I just thought of a strategy for you.

    1. 404 Silver badge


      Cyanogen was approached and hired by Samsung recently.

  6. Northern Fop

    Hello, we have a dead horse...

    ...and we're having trouble flogging it.

    CTD, as doctors are rumoured to write.

  7. thomas k.

    so, if I already own one ...

    if I buy a second one, I get a 3rd one free?

    Sweet, if that's the case. I absolutely love my Playbook

    and wouldn't mind having a couple of spares.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      So, for those of us who've never seen one - *why* do you love it ?

      Form factor ? Speed ? Apps ?

      Or are you Canadian ?

  8. JeffyPooh Silver badge

    "...won't natively do email..."

    I was shown the correct shortcut and now Gmail works just fine. I can even attach a local file to the outgoing message. So it does do *webmail* just fine.

  9. James 51 Silver badge

    I don't understand why the playbook gets such a harsh ride from everyone. It's not an ipad but unlike every other slab out there it's not trying to be. It serves the needs of a narrow market well. Most people do not fall into that niche but don't mistake for a bad product because of that.

  10. James 51 Silver badge

    One other thing to consider, when the new OS rolls out these could have lots of new features but at a steep discount.

    1. Robert E A Harvey

      @James51: Whilst I might agree with you, it seems that the management at Rim aren't thinking like that. They've built a zebra, no-one wants a Zebra, so they are trying to convince people it's a racehorse. Doeasn't matter how good a Zebra it is, they are pretending they made something else.

  11. asdf Silver badge

    I wonder

    Do you think RIM will secretly be burying millions of failbooks in the Southwest desert like Atari had to do with the massive fail ET video game in the mid 1980's?

  12. Lord Elpuss Silver badge

    6 foot high speed HDMI cable

    Have to get me one of those, then I can get rid of my current low-speed ones.

  13. Anonymous John


    Is it just me, or is "Play" an odd word to use in the name of a business gadget? If not, I've got a great name for a business cellphone. Playmobile.


  14. Tony Paulazzo

    Wouldn't a better deal be a free bb phone with every playbook, then you could do email with it and everybody would be happy.

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