back to article Pure challenges Spotify with cloud-based music service

DAB radio specialist Pure has revealed its take on Spotify, launching a cloud-based music service for streaming tunes across a variety of platforms. Pure Music For a subscription of £5 a month, Pure Music streams millions of songs, mixes and radio channels to laptops, smartphones and - yep - its DAB radios. As with Nokia's …


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  1. Arrrggghh-otron

    Lets see how this compares to Spotify...

    I've noticed more songs on Spotify being replaced with censored tracks (and I know this isn't Spotifys fault - they blame the record labels for supplying them that way - and there isn't always an alternative uncensored version, but it is bloody annoying. Their suggestion of complaining to the record label isn't helpful as I neither know nor care which label half of the censored stuff is on, nor how to contact them.), as well as stuff disappearing and reappearing in what appears to be, from a consumers point of view, a pretty random manner.

    I also don't see the difference between playing music on my PC at home with a fixed connection, or laptop over 3G or on a smart phone so I loath paying more for the premium service.

    I will be giving this a go if it doesn't require signing up for a long term contract...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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