back to article Rockstar officially announces Grand Theft Auto V

Developer Rockstar has officially announced work has begun on Grand Theft Auto V. A debut trailer is expected next week. Speculation that development was already underway has been doing the rounds for a while, with Rockstar executives talking up the project a couple of years back. Now, though, the game is official with …


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  1. bluesxman

    "the game will be set in real-world Los Angeles"

    So they can reuse big chunks of the map created for LA Noire...?

  2. Jon Double Nice

    This one'd better be good

    GTA4 was RubZ

    1. John H Woods


      ... sure it was. Everybody but the tiny minority of which you are part must just be an idiot then?

      1. DrXym Silver badge

        GTA IV was vastly overrated

        Its high scores are more a testament to Rockstar's ability to threaten, bribe, cajole and otherwise exact the scores they wanted. I expect in a more impartial objective environment it would have scored 80-90%. Still a good score but nothing like the ridiculous scores it did get.

        The whole show will repeat for GTA V. Watch how bloggers squeal over their "exclusive" all expenses paid jollies to preview events. Watch as sites speculate over the minutae of some bullshots (pictures which were not rendered in game). Watch as sites and magazines breathlessly gush hyperbole and 10/10 scores in exchange for exclusive review rights and advertising tie-ins.

        It all happened last time. Expect it to happen again. Just don't trust any of it.

        1. jai

          in your opinion, that is.

          I feckin' loved GTA4, and the sequels.

          In my opinion, GTA5 officially announced is the best news I've heard all year.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Where's the trailer?

    11th of February 2011 has been and gone already.

  4. Red Bren

    Old News

    The trailer was released on 11th February, 2011, although I can't seem to find it...

  5. The Jase

    They've jumped the shark.

  6. Charles 9 Silver badge

    Returning to Los Santos?

    Give Rockstar props for giving Liberty City (NYC) a lot of attention to detail. Now it seems the same will be done to the sprawl that is Los Santos (LA). As for the LA Noire maps, recall that it took place in the 40's while most GTA games take place in contemporary times (Vice City only went back to the 80's and San Andreas to the 90's). It'll be interesting to see the modern Los Santos they come up with.

  7. DragonKin37
    Thumb Up

    Ok we did Miami, NY & NJ, LA & Vegas, where to now?




    1. Peter 66
      Thumb Up

      Where to?

      How about Edinburgh or Glasgow? I'd be happy kicking the pixels out of neds at bus stops all day!

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Back home for Rockstar

        Or rather DMA Design

        GTA: DUNDEE... and Fife to add a bit of level size! Be amazed by the shattered Buckfast bottles at the top of the Dundee Law! Watch the beautiful silvery Tay shimmer by you, or very grey Glenrothes stay very still!

        1. tmTM


          Can you imagine the missions tho:

          "Steal that mans shoes to sell for a hit"

          "Drunkly swear at people in the bus station"

          "Expose yourself to the police after breaching your ASBO"

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        just go to liverpool and do it for real ...

  8. ratfox Silver badge

    The up-to-now secret title is

    The World of GTACraft!

    1. John70


      A 10 man raid against Ragnaros in cars doing drive-by shootings and the odd fire truck to put out fires.

  9. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    @Where to?

    But first you have to explore the city to recover your wheels before you can start driving around.

    Featuring the UK exclusive, "GTA VI - Scimitar on bricks edition"

  10. tekHedd
    Thumb Down

    Let me guess.

    In this one, not only does your cell phone pester you endlessly to do inane tasks with your friends "or else," you will also be required to talk for an hour to your mother every day or so (using a headset with voice recognition) or else guilt will damage your max health and other stats, and the new "pumping gas" minigame is required when you jack a car, only to realize the tank is on Empty. The radio will now feature real advertisements (intended to be ironic but coincidentally providing convenient product placement) and real, new hit music from the co-sponsoring music label (so, just like GTA4). Talk radio will be even less funny, and missions even more linear.

    Maybe they should just release GTA3 again with new graphics. At least it was fun.

  11. The Fuzzy Wotnot

    Hold the front page!

    Anyone notified The Sun and The Daily Mail so they can write up the obligatory "My 12 year old went nuts playing this game I bought him despite it having an 18 rating." and "Ban this sick filth!" stories?

  12. Studley

    It would've been finished ages ago

    ...but the developers kept getting calls from their cousin who wanted to go bowling.

  13. honkhonk34

    I for one genuinely enjoyed GTA IV

    And I respect Rockstar for having the courage to make each game feel quite different, considering the underlying idea has basically stayed the same since the original GTA. All the people who decry GTA IV as being boring and too serious and brown coloured would have been screaming rockstar down for a lack of originality had they retained the style present in San Andreas.

    The fact that I live 10 minutes away from Rockstar North's offices here in Edinburgh or that I managed to gatecrash their launch party for The Lost and Damned and drank my own bodyweight in free booze does not make me biased!

  14. OrsonX

    But I've not finished IV yet!

    I've now been playing for more than a year (on & off) and still havent accessed the 3rd island. 'tis a great game, I must try and make some more progress! I find completing the missions pretty tricky, what I need is a 13yr old (sorry, 18yr old) to help me out.

  15. ScientologyIsACult

    What about...

    .....a remake/sequel of GTA 2 for the next game, Set in the future, loads of possibilities for flying/floating cars, good choice of gangs and weapons. It'd be great, could easily parody all manner of Sci-Fi films such as blade runner, back to the future, judge dredd etc.

  16. HansG

    11th Feb??? Duuuhhhhhh

    Or America dates even.............

    Trailer due on 2nd of November

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

      1. HansG

        very true, I think I skimmed the sarcasm in the posts and even missed the joke icon, fails on me!

        Never understood why Americans use that format, it makes no logical sense at all, but I know they like being different "just because"!

      2. sheep++;
        Thumb Down


        As a programmer, dates have always been a bugbear with me, so I usually used to change any user entered date into a "safe" format - e.g.10/8/11 into "10 Aug 2011" to ensure unambiguity. Course, it doesn't particularly help if our USA cousins put the month in first. Daftest idea ever. 9/11 ? It's the eleventh of september you daft buggers.

      3. Charles 9 Silver badge

        Not really.

        It's just that you have to understand how Americans speak dates. We always say "month day, year" the same way that we write it down. Don't know why we switched, but we're used to it, so our date terminology is consistent as far as Americans are concerned. And we consider it succinct: no extra "of"s to say.

  17. Florcz

    Oh yes!

    Can not wait!

    Best sound tracks, challenging but open gameplay and hilarious storylines are what make GTA games so good.

    Replayed Ballad of Gay Tony recently... great fun.

  18. RyokuMas Silver badge

    I feel a tremor in the force...

    ... as if the voices of hundreds of developers cried out in terror, and then were silenced.

    (unless Rockstar have improved things a bit since last reports I read)

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    How about a remake of GTA: London

    I've liked all the GTA games, but my favourite is definitely GTA: London.

    I think it would be great if they made an updated version of this.

    Have the map extend out to the M25, or further.

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