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LG might have been first with its Optimus 3D, but HTC hasn’t wasted any time coming up with a glasses-free 3D phone of its own. From the front, the Evo 3D looks like a standard, snazzy HTC smartphone, but it’s one of the manufacturer's chunkier numbers. Its metallic casework is sturdy, but the paint on the edges where it sits …


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  1. Asgard

    I hate glasses-free 3D

    Ironically if I used glasses-free 3D much, I would end up needing to use glasses all the time, because glasses-free 3D hurts my eyes a lot.

    1. Martin Lyne

      Could it be, perhaps, that you;re the wrong distance away? Or struggling against the 3d effect?

      At first I found my Evo 3D uncomfortable to view 3D in but as I got better at using the camera and knowing how far to hold it form my face to get the best view of the parralax, it works a treat. All about the sweet spot.


      The file format is simple enough (2 side by side pictures), I struggle to imagine competition using more obscure formats, so hopefully 3D sharing will be better in future.

      I've replaced Sense with a selection of Launchers to enable 5 column icons etc. No issues with paint flaking, dropped it several times and no damage yet.

      It is heavier and less glamorous looking than the SonyEric Androids, but the 3D gimmick is fun to play with.

      3D is the only reason to go for this phone, as such, I wouldn't recommend it over a Sensation or Desire HD.

      1. chr0m4t1c

        Ah, the Apple defence - you're holding it wrong.

  2. Andy Watt

    ... No, the D is for "don't touch it with a bargepole until it's safe"

    Talk of the town, that one...

    Of course, if you're going to root and remove the HTC malware that's all good. I thought it was only operators who indulged in that miserable pastime, but I see now it's everybody. They all think they're frickin Facebook.

    My next phones going to be an old GSM feature phone at this rate.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      old Sony Ericsson GSM featurephone

      whilst I'm working out how to get the "ON" button of my HTC Google Nexus One soft-wired to be the trackball instead of the now not working power button (- lifetime flex of connecting wires exceeded in 18 months use)

      I found an ancient tiny T68i in a cupboard, untouched for 5 years, charged it (40 minutes!), stuffed in the SIM, and amazingly it works. Battery last for 3 days instead of Nexus One two days. I haven't yet had a virus/trojan/malware. I'm only being profiled by Vodafone instead of them AND everyone else via the zillion apps on the N1. The SE GSM hasn't crashed yet. I'm now leisurely deciding which phone to go for next! (I have quite a few more IMEIs to play with)

  3. tmTM

    A good phone

    Ruined by 3D nonsense ??

  4. Robert E A Harvey

    The Evo won’t allow you to take portrait shots in 3D.


    Do you know many people with one eye above the other?

  5. JaitcH

    Does the waning commercial interest signal end of another 3D phase?

    II was reading in Bloomberg or Forbes that Hollywood's interest in 3D is waning as the costs are too high to warrant them. Apparently the number of 3D movies in production is falling, too.

    A friend who has a GO POV camera for which he bought a 3D kit with which he has recorded bicycling trips, undersea snorkelling ventures and mountain climbing. Quite honestly, the effects were underwhelming and not worth either the cost or filming hassles

    I use GO POV cameras daily in my travels and the non-3D video's are as dramatic, technically, as were his 3D video's. Another factor s how many people have 3D TV's to share videos with.

    1. miknik

      The eye of the beholder

      Given the "GO POV" camera you use daily says "Go Pro" on the back of it in big letters I can appreciate how maybe 3DTV isn't working out for you.

    2. chr0m4t1c

      Maybe they're finally getting the message...

      One of the consumer survey sites I'm a member of ran a poll recently asking if people wanted films in 3D. A little over 50% said "Never", 3% said "Yes" and the rest said "Depends on the film".

      So, in these troubled times, making a 3D only film immediately cuts more than 50% of your customers out as opposed to 3% if you go for 2D. What would you do?

      As a side note, the LG Optimus 3D road show visited one of my local shopping malls recently and in the middle of an extremely busy mall almost no-one was taking any interest at all - not even the usual bunches of tech-magpie kids. And what was probably worse (for LG anyway), I noted that all of the dolly-birds (and boys) seemed to be using iPhones as their personal mobiles.

      Really LG, why didn't you make sure you gave the demonstrators units of their own to use?

  6. David Gosnell

    Reason for unconvincing 3D photos

    Of course, it would help if the camera lenses were the same distance apart as average human eyes. You cannae change the laws of physics. Bunching them together like that (especially with a vast expanse of spare space on the back of the phone) is just plain daft. With that capital D, maybe.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    3D Games On Android Market

    "You can download 3D games direct from the Gameloft website, and there’s a bunch of 3D games available in the Android Market too, some of them for free. The 3D effect wasn’t especially profound on any of the ones I tried."

    "A bunch" sounds like a lot, but the only one I've found so far is Balloon Gunner 3D.

    The effect isn't "especially profound" unless you whack it up to max in the options screen.

    So what are these other games?

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