back to article EMC goes virtual with in-house Oracle apps

EMC was in the house at Oracle's OpenWorld extravaganza in San Francisco on Monday, with not-quite-yet-retiring CEO Joe Tucci playing elder statesman with his 42 years in this racket, and talking a bit about clouds and the storage and virtualization giant's use of Oracle software to run the EMC business. Tucci started out by …


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  1. John Riddoch


    A speaker at Openworld espousing Oracle on VMWare when Oracle do their best to drive customers away from that as a solution with unclear support policies...

  2. ICS

    Oracle VMWARE Support

    Can we hope that this means that Oracle will now make a more definitive Support Statement with regard VMWARE/ESX running Oracle RDBMS and Oracle Apps ?, and even change its

    licensing model/costs to encourage similar configurations to EMC .....

    1. virtualgeek

      Oracle support position is actually clear, and positive.

      @ICS - Disclosure - EMCer here.

      I know there's a lot of FUD out there (often from Oracle) re their support and licensing stances when it comes to virtualization.

      The formal policy is actually pretty darn reasonable - but isn't what people are TOLD it is.

      I did a detailed post (including a screenshot of the authoritative Metalink article) here:

      There's also a lot of confusion re: licensing (need to license any core it could run on, and not honouring things like DRS Host Affinity settings). Done right, there is absolutely no "virtualization tax" when virtualizing Oracle on VMware, and we're finding people are saving boatloads of money and getting BETTER performance.

      Again, I don't want this to seem like an ad, but I also did a video at OOW where we discuss those things that are used to scare customers from doing the right thing: Performance, Support, Licensing - and of course "are other people doing it" (answer = YES, about 50% of Oracle users according to the Oracle Users's Groups). That video is on youtube here:

This topic is closed for new posts.

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