back to article Samsung reveals release for 5in tablet

Samsung today announced its 5in tablet-phone thingamajig, the Galaxy Note, is heading to the UK in November. Unveiled at IFA 2011, the Samsung Galaxy Note runs on a 1.4GHz dual-core CPU with Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It packs a 5.3in display with a 1280 x 800 resolution and an 8Mp camera, and comes in the choice of 16GB or 32GB …


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  1. The Fuzzy Wotnot
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    That's more like the size I would like. I don't like the clunkyness of the bigger tablets like the iPad, but I want something slightly bigger than a phone-screen. Heading over the hill the old peepers are going duff, so I need something slightly bigger for watching vids on the train to work!

    1. tmTM


      Samsung have also recently announced some larger versions of the galaxy, which are a smidge under 5".

      So the question is for the less than half an inch difference it will be why buy the note when you can get a full smartphone?

  2. Martin 47

    Amazon have ensured that if it retails for more than about £100 it will bomb.

  3. Ian Ferguson
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    Even the 3.5" Jesus Phone don't need no stylus.

    1. Steve Knox

      I believe you'll find the Note has a stylus, but doesn't require a stylus. While a stylus-free touch interface is cool for consuming content, it's very difficult to create content (e.g, taking notes*) well without a precision device like a stylus. People's fingers are just too fat.

      * See what I did there? Yeah, I did that thing.

    2. Brian

      Need and 'can use' are two different things. Capacitive screens with a digitizer are much more accurate than a capacitive screen alone (even the Jesus Phone). If you acually want to use a stylus with Jesus phone you have to buy a stylus with a blunt end and you still don't have a lot of the features that a digitizer gives you.

    3. Growler

      But you also can't write on an iPhone using a finger putting more than 3 or 4 letters per screen. The Note can be used with fingers or a stylus for handwriting.

      As I understand it capacitive sensors have way less precision than the old resistive ones which is why there aren't that many devices that use a stylus as this drawback would become obvious. Samsung may well have improved the "resolution" of the sensor so that it works. Or not.

      1. Mr Floppy

        Or not

        > Samsung may well have improved the "resolution" of the sensor so that it works. Or not.

        The stylus works like a Wacom digitiser. It uses electromagnetic resonance technology patented by Wacom I believe. No need for power but pen tip power, orientation of the stylus, makes it better than any stylus system out there.

        The only problem is that the API for the stylus is owned by Samsung and not a part of Android. Mind you, they could have just licensed Wacoms Cintiq.

  4. johnnymotel


    the wife saw an ad for the Galaxy S phone, she asked me if this was an iPod.

    Now, ok, she is not as technically aware as myself, but if Sammy can 'fool' enough people with their look-a -like phones, tablets etc then perhaps Apple has a case to argue here.

    It's all in the marketing.

    1. Darren Barratt

      My nan calls anything with a screen on it that you can pick up, "a laptop". It doesn't mean it is.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      You should use this as a reason to get HDTV, least can justify it with the missues ;0.

      That said - Thats adverts for you, had she went to a store she would easily see the difference as she would be able to make phone calls with the Samsung were upon the Apple you would have to make several calls to get the same conversation across. But people don't want to make calls on a mobile phone now do they :p.

      It's down to this, Apple copy people - nobody cries, people inovate the obvious and Apple cries foul.

      Personaly If you think it all thru Captain Picard can sue them all for ripping of his Enterprises tablets.

      Next year Apple will get a patent on how people walk forcing everybody to use the open source Monty Python funny walk.

      Only real inovation on the Apple phone is the screen, made, invented by.....Samsung. Now if Samsung goes to Apple, our nice new flexi screen, were not selling you that until our product is out. Would apple be accused of copying Samsung, probably not.

      So if your offended by this then please don't do a youtube vid along the lines of leave Britney^h^h^h^h^h^hJobs alone, just hit the downvote along with the other sheep.

  5. G-HAM 2000

    I approve. I've been handling some seven-inchers lately (ooh er missus) and thinking how much better the user experience is than my smartphone, and in fact I could just about get away with using a seven-ish inch Android tablet [i]as[/i] my actual phone - it'd still be significantly smaller and lighter than my first couple of mobile phones. Five inches might be the sweet spot (that's what she said. etc.).

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    They're aiming for the too-big-for-a-phone, too-small-for-a-tablet sweet spot!

    And I think they've hit it, spot on.

  7. jai


    just because there is a numerical gap between 3.5 inch smartphone screens and 7 inch tablets, doesn't mean that it needs to be filled.

    if anything, this is just going to eat into potential Samsung Tab sales...

    ...or is that their cunning plan to avoid Apple suing them and blocking sale of the device?

  8. Patrick O'Reilly

    != Tablet

    Samsung have said this isn't a (small) tablet, it's an extra large phone.

    Been toting about a Desire HD for a year now, don't know if the extra inch would be too much for some (that's what she said)

  9. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge


    So this is a smartphone for people who don't want a phone?

    What next? A BMW 0 series (without an engine) , for people who want a car radio but not a car?

  10. Matthew Anderson

    I have a Dell Streak and love it :-) Others I know (all of two people) with one love it too. Games and movies were a dream whilst browsing net etc a pure joy compared with smaller screens whilst still sitting comfortably in my pocket unlike something the size of an iPad.

    For these reasons I think there is a market, I'm annoyed that Dell decided to abandon the Streak which will put me off all other Dell products in the future but should Samsung market theirs well then hopefully it should be a decent success. Definitely room in the market for these babies and a big F*ck you to Dell from me for taking £500 from me for a product they were not going to support for much longer than the year I had it.....

  11. Silverburn


    10'...9'...7'...5'...where will this madness end???

    My life won't be complete until I've got a tablet that's at least 5 decimal points and startsway 7.53263'...

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Dell Streak 5"

    I've got a Dell Streak 5". Had it for a few months now. Can't put it down. Small enought to fit into my pocket but screen is huge compared to an iPhone and so a lot more usuable. In fact some appears look naked because they hardly use the whole screen. Admittedly it's a bit big to hold to your ear, but a blue tooth ear piece (de-rigur for any cool dude) gets rid of that problem. Battery lasts two days if I don't surf and tweet all day long or play Angry Birds.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh wow

    This still leaves Samsung without a 6" or 8" tablet, not to mention from 11" up. Is that coming next? clearly they can't have these unfilled spots in their range.

    Sounds great for developers trying to fit their UX into this mess. Let's not even go to Gingerbread on tablets... (didn't Google say they didn't support such configuration?)

  14. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    Can I have one with a screen aspect ratio of 1.41421356237 : 1?

    That would just be so, like, nerdy kool.

    1. cloudgazer

      Samsung may sell turds, but never surds.

  15. xperroni

    "people weren't keen on what is essentially an oversized smartphone"

    Unless, of course, it was an oversized _broken_ smartphone, and it was called iPad.

  16. Kevin Bailey


    Is Apt-x on there?

  17. strum Silver badge


    I might, or might not want something like this, but I approve of having the choice.

    There does seem to be an assumption (on the Reg and elsewhere) that's there's only one right answer to this question; that everyone's going to want a 10" or a 7" or a 5". Reality is, different strokes for different folks.

    Indeed, some might find houseroom for more than one format, for use in different circumstances.

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