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One bright student has decided to merge his love of videogames with the task of laundry, creating a hybrid machine that puts a new spin on household chores. Kingston University design student Lee Wei Chen realises playing videogames is far from productive. So in order to get kids helping around the house, he came up with this …


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  1. Rovindi


    Clever bugger or what? Got to admire the thinking behind this one.

    1. Joefish

      Not really.

      Mad as a sack of badgers if you ask me.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Au contraire, I think it looks a bit rubbish (both the concept and the contraption he's designed).

      I was hoping it was going to be a laundry where you take your dirty clothes and instead of sitting there reading old newspapers and rubbish magazines whilst your clothes go round and round and round, you could instead spend 2 hours playing video games. Personally I'd prefer the retro arcade machines such as Sega's Virtua Racing, Outrun, Operation Wolf, Street Fighter II, etc...

      I'd gladly go to a laundry that offered a service such as this, even though I've got my own washing machine at home.

      1. dogged

        My mate used to live in a flat that had a cybercafe underneath on once side and a launderette on the other.

        There was a chip shop and an off-license over the road, too. I'm still amazed he ever moved.

  2. Code Monkey


    ...the more you play games the cleaner your unmentionables are? An interesting twist on the life of the hardcore gamer.

  3. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

    CRT screen

    Very cutting edge tech here

  4. Martin Lyne

    I can't even play games i nth same room as a washing machine on its spin cycle, shakes my whole flat. Trying to play a game atop one.. foolhardy.

    If the large wheel adds energy to the drum (erducing electiricty use and giving it some force-feedback) then.. ah who am I kidding, the benefit is all but eliminated by the computer behind it and the fact it's stupid so nobody would play it anyway.

    But still, I like the R2D2 styling and the mad-as-shit thinking. Keep mixing shit together and you may end up with a winner.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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