back to article Tech City UK quango rearranges Shoreditch

Something odd is happening in East London. Last November David Cameron launched "Tech City UK", a bid to extend the nontrepreneurial hub of Silicon Roundabout into the éléphant blanc of the Olympic zone at Stratford. (See Nathan Barleys to fill Olympic chasm). But newcomers to the area might find themselves disoriented. The …


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  1. TeeCee Gold badge

    "Couldn't find a*se with both hands and their map"

    I can't say I am surprised at that, regardless of the errata mentioned.

    Ashburton Grove is some way off the edge of that map.....

  2. Rameses Niblick the Third (KKWWMT) Silver badge

    YOU WHAT?!?


    Thirty seven Thousand Pounds?!?

    1. Arrrggghh-otron


      They still spending that much on websites? I would happily have set it up on an existing provider with a good rep, put in some extra security and filled in the content for a year and given up my current job for less than that and still made more than I am making a year now... the consultants on this must be pissing themselves...

      "setting up the Tech City WordPress blog cost £37,000... plus £6,756 on "security and penetration testing""

  3. Andrew Kelly

    Moorgate / Liverpool Street

    Oh no, they've moved Moorgate and Liverpool Street stations. That's an extra 15 minute walk into work now.

  4. Dr Who

    Due diligence I'd say

    You can't properly shaft someone without having done extensive penetration testing first.

  5. ChrisC

    But wait, there's more...


    "Dalston Kingsbury"???

    Having said that, whilst the use of the Underground roundel to mark Overground stations is a bit misleading, using the National Rail arrows as you've suggested would be equally misleading. Furthermore, whilst you've picked up on Homerton station being misrepresented as an Underground station, you missed the similar treatment dealt out to Dalston Kings(land/bury) and Hackney Wick, plus the way Hackney Central has been simultaneously misrepresented as offering both Underground and National Rail services...

  6. Clare (web specialist)
    Thumb Down

    The last time I was there Shoreditch High Street, and Bethnal Green Road contained a proliferation of 'bars of shame'. The less people that find these areas the better.

  7. George Nacht

    A bit off tangent, I admit, but...

    ...this would explain some of the shenanigans my (updated) GPS device put me through lately.

  8. Armando 123


    ... they just employed Martello's convention and made shunting illegal. [Moment of silence for Willie Rushton and Humphrey Lyttleton]

  9. Dave 15

    Drop in the ocean

    Compare this to the vast waste when other projects that the clever bean counters believe has to go to one of the top two or three most expensive consultancies in the world - as long as they don't employ Brits of course -

    Billions are wasted

  10. Sim

    tell them

    tell the department of trade and industry what you think about this

    I just did and I feel better now

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You're missing the point

    This map is designed to show the interlinking paradigms that optimize synergies and is very mashable.

    It's NOT designed to help you find places.

  12. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    This is actually far more cunning than even AC 15:36 thinks!

    It is in fact a fiendish bit of think-tank originated copyright protection. There are so many obvious mistakes that nobody with any sense would want to copy it. Anyone who IS actually stupid enough to copy it will therefore "feel the full force of the law" (TM) - as opposed to the wunch of bankers who felt the full farce of the law.

    It also fulfills a very important government criteria...

    It is totally bloody useless!

  13. Damien Thorn


    I know its cost them a packet to redevelop but getting people lost in the area to boost tourism is silly.

    £6K for a penetration test? I only used to charge £850 and that included fixing the hole for a whole 12 months on contract.

    As for 37k for a website, for that kind of money i want to see something amazing, i want to see real innovation, and for a tech city really you wouldnt expect less ... or is it like every other over priced site?

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Balls Pond Rd and Dalston Lane have both been eliminated by spurious extensions of St Paul's Rd and Graham Rd in the vicinity of Dalston Kingsbury (sic). God help anyone who tries to use this map for navigation, "Lost in Dalston" is a great title for a horror film. (I know, I used to live there).

  15. leeeeeb

    own goal

    The Tech City website* declares the area to be "The Digital Capital of Europe"

    *website built by Creativeworks, based in Surrey.

  16. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Logo is still a roundel

    The Overground logo is an orange roundel with a blue crossbar, the Underground logo is a red roundel with a blue bar. It would be very difficult to distinguish them at the size on that map. It's certainly not a British Rail logo as both sets of lines run by Transport for London.

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