back to article Oracle 'engineers' SMB database appliance

Larry Ellison says that he doesn't care if the company's x64 server business goes to zero. But Oracle has once again launched a database appliance based on x64 servers. The Oracle Database Appliance announced today is one of the four new "engineered systems" that Oracle is promising to launch over the next few weeks, and it is …


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  1. That's it man, game over man, game over!

    So what is your definiton of a SMB?

    wish someone would tell my boss what an SMB spends on hardware / software

    1. K Silver badge

      RE: So what is your definiton of a SMB?

      I'd love to know this one aswell.

      I work for an SMB, our whole server rack is due to be completely replaced, I'll be lucky be if my whole budget is as much 1 of these appliances! Companies like Oracle, Microsoft etc all need a reality check (or nuclear rocket up their collective asses!) when it comes to IT budgets for SMB's..


    The definition of SMB

    I don't think Oracle belongs anywhere near the definition of SMB. This goes triple for Oracle's clustered products.

    I also find it amusing that this thing isn't even an appliance as such. It's not a complete solution and you still have to sort out RDBMS licensing despite the fact you are buying the hardware from Oracle already.

    Perhaps they are trying to avoid the inevitable sticker shock.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      The database is presumably a tickbox on an option list.

      Basically, they're damned if they do, damned if they don't - if they included the DB in the standard price and specs, people would be screaming "but we already have enterprise licenses for 11g database, come on Oracle, why have you included it in the price??!?"

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    ...SMBs will be queueing up to buy that bad-boy...

  4. Tomato42 Silver badge

    I know of SMBs that have 12TB of storage... If you count the disks in workstations. Most still don't clock even this much (let alone use it, just for database hardware).

    It's like I'm reading about Foundation and Empire. In the books, the latter doesn't even believe you can build nuclear reactors smaller than 100TW while the former builds ones for personal use, the size of a thumb.



    If you have an enterprise license for something like Oracle then you aren't the target for a "SMB appliance".

    Your own IT staff will rip this thing apart, declare where things can be done better, or start turf wars over the underlying components.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    For SMB?

    Although an interesting idea to sell an Oracle DB appliance to SMBs, this configuration seems to be a little much for them. This appears to be something a larger shop would buy to evaluate if one wanted to buy the larger appliance. A better option would be to sell something like this in a nonclustered option. Reducing the redundancy of the system should possibly be able to put the cost in line with what a SMB could actually afford.

  7. Pony Tail

    crazy crazy crazy

    So I watched the video and as much as Oracle tries to hide that is is re-badged Sun x86 it still is with no innovation in the hardware.

    The only value is the "pay as your grow" or what some people call sub capacity pricing. Just because they refuse to offer sub-capacity pricing on vmware does not make me want to switch to oracle linux and oracle VM on sun hardware.

    Go back to zero and start over. Strangely enough we are "SMB" size and priced out the cost of x86 HP with Intel and decided to go with IBM's Power7 instead. The software cost savings justified the higher hardware price not to mention the reliability saved us from the expense of doing RAC.


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