back to article First Google Plus API released to developers

Coders can now get their hands on a single Google+ API (application programming interface). Over time, Google will be opening up more of its platform to developers, presumably in a similar fashion to Facebook's API – which allows third parties to build apps for the network. "Google+ gives users full control over their …


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  1. sheep++;

    API !!

    You had to define "API" on a developer's forum! Hopefully, you'll know what the Icon stands for without looking it up on Wankapedia..

    1. philbo

      If there's only one developer here

      ..on this "developer's forum", then maybe it needs explaining

  2. Sentient


    Google+ API.

    I seriously thought this was a new API for their new programming language. But of course those are called Dart & Go, not Google++ and definately not Google+.

    Phew confusing. They should have come up with a better name like Googlike or FaceGoo or something.

    1. Ben 42
      Thumb Up

      Thumbs up for Googlike and FaceGoo.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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