back to article Scosche BoomCan mini travel speaker

There is no shortage of small speakers for phones and music players, but few deliver much in the way of welly, or even sound quality. Scosche BoomCan mini travel speaker Not that you should expect a pristine hi-fi experience when you're using an ad hoc speaker such as Scorche's new BoomCan, but it's capable of pumping out a …


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  1. Alan Edwards
    Thumb Up

    If you want stereo...

    Use a stereo 3.5mm to twin phono (RCA) adapter, then a phono to 3.5mm cable to each BoomCan.

    You can probably get a 3.5mm stereo to two 3.5mm mono cable from Maplin/Radio Shack too.

    1. Gordon 10 Silver badge

      Would have been nice if that functionality had been built in though. Especially since it would have been so trivial to do.

      1. Francis Boyle Silver badge

        On the other hand

        I like the fact that you're not forced to buy two when you only need one.

  2. Marky W


    75% gets a 'recommended' tag?

    Given that 70% seems to be the lowest score awarded - unless something is *truly* dire - you're very easily pleased....

    1. Patrick R
      Paris Hilton

      it's all subjective

      Especcially since the X-mini II are not "recommended" when they get 80% few months ago (at the same price).

  3. Rob Looker

    Veho make a similar-looking speaker, but wireless and stereo. Comes with USB cable, charger and transmitter. Available from Gizoo I seem to remember. I've got one and it's great!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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