back to article Intel laptop boss to make Ultrabooks context savvy

Pundits have been talking about building GPS and other sensors into notebooks for some years. Now it may actually happen. Optional for the moment, Intel is planning to mandate the addition of a variety of sensors into its Ultrabook spec. Speaking after his IDF keynote today, Intel's PC Group chief, Mooly Eden, said he wants …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    GPS "and other sesors" in netbooks -- "to intelligently help users with their lives"?

    Next they'll be wanting their arses wiped after successfully turning it on.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Pretty scary stuff!

    I remember an old joke saying that in Soviet Russia you were not watching TV, it was the TV watching you. Now in addition of TV, we have to keep an eye on those pesky laptops snitching on us.

    1. r4co0n
      Big Brother

      The title is required and must contain letters and/or digits

      Big brother anyone?

  3. E 2

    "...Ultrabooks to become fully context aware"

    Oooh errr!

    Is that like the new Apple Retina Display?

  4. Simon Rockman

    This is for people who use their ultrabooks outside

    I find it amazing how many people think GPS always knows where you are. To work with any decent consistency GPS needs to have a clear view of the sky. It's not going to locate you when you are in an office building unless you are close to the window. Even then it's touch and go. It won't work on the ground floor of a normal house or in a block of flats. For city-dwellers it's pretty rubbish.

    Phones can get away with combining cell ID with where GPS last saw you to give something of an estimate but most of the decision-makes who think GPS is magic do so because their car Sat-Nav does a good job.

    These work by comparing a map to wheel sensors (often the ABS) and rarely resort to GPS, even then cars tend to have a clear view of the sky.

    Mapping wi-fi is a much better solution for laptops.


  5. Anonymous Coward 101


    ...somebody tell Mooly he looks like a complete penis with that Kangol hat.

    1. Marvin the Martian

      Same (but bowlderized) reaction here.

      He's been looking at Steve Jobs' keynotes, and thought he could also come across as kewl. Style -- you got it or not.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Credibility ?

    I'm hardly a fashionista.

    Nor terribly conservative.

    But there is no fecking way I am buying anything (other than a latte) from somebody dressed like that.

  7. Mediocrates Silver badge

    Never trust a guy named "Mooly"

    Nuff said.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Isn't a Mooly

      ... a kind of giant white radish?

      Mind you, in that hat, he looks a proper turnip. Isn't that the ceremonial headgear of down-with-the-kids-ness that J Allard wore to announce the Zune?

      We need a Zune icon for cringeworthy corporate crap pseudo-coolness.

  8. Trygve

    speaking as a baldy myself...

    Nobody is fooled by that beret, Mr Mooly. Everybody knows there is a chrome dome underneath there, so give it some air.

    Still, it could be worse - at least he's not wearing a Hulk Hogan style bandanna

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