back to article Aussie Sex Party takes the whip to .xxx domains

The Australian Sex Party has joined a growing international chorus of voices accusing ICANN and ICM Registry of a shakedown over the .xxx domain space. Companies that don’t want their domain names appearing in front of the already-notorious dot-triple-x are facing an October 28 deadline to register with ICM, the sole …


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  1. The BigYin

    Not just pornageddon

    What about the plans to relax domain names in general? .ass, .bum, .poo, .wee, .cum etc

    How about .bush? Then one could have obama.bush; if one appreciates disjointed thinking.


    If people want a free Internet (and anyone with a brain does) then one needs to be ready for the consequences.

    Now please excuse whilst I register

  2. Big-nosed Pengie
    Thumb Up

    Once again the ASP is full of win

    Why would Australians vote for anyone else?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If anybody wants to spend US$199 to cybersquat my ( domain name they can go right ahead. Somebody has already been cybersquatting the .com version for years with no sign of payoff in sight.

  4. Al 4

    Organized crime orginazitaion

    It's been said for a long time that organized crime elements have moved into main stream business. This sound like the typical strong arm tactics of s criminal organization. Perhaps news organizations should be looking into the politicians that support this and their ties to and support of organized crime syndicates.

    1. PyLETS
      Black Helicopters

      News organisations looking into organised crime

      I'm really confused. Are you saying News International, the organisation which has been profusely apoligising for some of the phone hacking of late, isn't ?

  5. JDX Gold badge

    Surely Australia will instigate a nationwide block on .xxx sites anyway?

  6. John Sturdy

    So will The Register register for NSFW stories?

  7. Dave Bell

    I would suppose that the lawyers have already been over this deal very carefully, so that it can't be read by a court as an attempt at blackmail. Compared to a trademark case, this doesn't look a bad deal, but neither strikes me as a good deal.

  8. Ken Hagan Gold badge

    Isn't .xxx already blocked?

    I mean, by just about everyone? Those who want to access porn use .com and those who don't presumably have .xxx blocked, so the only people still able to see .xxx are tabloid journalists looking for a non-story to fill up their inside pages and politicians looking for an "outrage outlet".

  9. Marco Mieshio

    Brand Protection

    Once you have trademarked all denominations of sheep and beer then australia should be protected. I guestimate this to be $398 based on Merino Sheep and XXXX Beer.

  10. John I'm only dancing



    1. Chris007



  11. Dazed and Confused Silver badge

    Why not make ICM liable

    for all defamation as they sold the domain, they are profitting from it, so anyone who objects to their corporate brand being associated with the dreaded .XXX domain/arm-twister

    that way ICM would be guaranteed to go broke over night.

    ICANN would also be in the firing line for allowing this stupid situation to happen in the first place.

  12. Hatless Pemberty

    All hail the trisomic TLD!

    So can I register - a website for all your clumsy femdom fetishes? (Too technical? -- Also, rule 34?)

    Ever since registrars started ignoring the intended hierarchy divisions in DNS, all new TLDs have been nothing but money making schemes.

    DNS is now pretty much transparent and mostly useful to help setup internal private networks and the like. For public networks most people nowadays just google the name they want (which means you only really need protocol based FQDNs:,, etc)

  13. ortunk

    how about

    Only cool xxx domains will be the ones that go around the .xxx domain regulations yet you know what they/who they really represent...

  14. Paul Hovnanian Silver badge


    Will ICM really be selling the .xxx versions of just anything to anyone? Do you really think Microsoft, Boeing, or TheRegister won't raise a stink about seeing their names in front of the infamous TLD?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Do you think the vulture cares?

      I'm waiting until they open it up to non-porn industry addresses. I'd love to have a .xxx domain, but I'd rather not have to start selling videos of myself in order to qualify for it.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I think we should just cut Australia off from the rest of the wired world.

    They always seem to complain about *something* online.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Noooo, don't do that!

      I wouldn't be able to read El Reg, and I'd have to do some real work instead!

      a/c in case boss is also a regtard.

    2. Aussie Brusader

      I'd make a complaint about this post

      But that would just re-enforce your point.

  16. Throatwobbler Mangrove


    I imagine that ICANN will be quaking in its boots now that it's been criticised by a tiny novelty pressure group with no power in one of the less interesting internet markets.

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