back to article HP pops out all-in-one biz boxes

HP has announced a pair of all-in-one PCs – one with a touchscreen display – that it hopes will remove any remaining barriers that prevent that unibody form and point-and-flick interface from finding a home on the business desktop. The two new biz-centric all-in-ones met the public on Wednesday along with two consumer-level …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    One of the last

    One of the last before HP gives up on the PC biz?

  2. Anonymous John

    Pi (letters and a number)

    I think I'll wait for the 75% price cut when they discontinue it.

  3. Chad H.


    Looks like it competes with Apple in the Asthetic sense. Would love to see some benchamarks...

    1. Snapper


      You think it competes with Apple in the 'Asthetic' sense, do you?

      I think that says a lot about you.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    So it's a tablet with a stand...?

    1. Mondo the Magnificent

      It may well be a alrge tablet with a stand...

      but there's no WebOS option though....

  5. Simon Round

    Touchpad Anyone?

    So now I know how they are using their last few remaining Touchpads

  6. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge


    If they made these things battery powered and had the option of an on-screen keyboard there might be quite a market for these with people that wanted an expensive way of pretending to do work on the move.

    1. gafisher


      Touchsmart PCs include an onscreen keyboard gadget. Rather large for battery-powered portability, though.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Who would buy an Osborne?

    Given that HP seems to want to get rid of the PC business, who would buy a PC from them?

  8. Lockwood

    Touchscreen in the office

    I developed touch screen customer facing applications a while back. I made use of the screen to develop on.

    I got myself a TC1100 (Remember the tablet hybrid that they stopped making in 2005, a whole 5 years before Apple invented the tablet?) over a normal laptop in order to have the touch capability.

    You can do a lot more natural testing of customer facing touchscreen applications when you are actively developing and testing on one!

    1. Ilgaz

      And Symbian example in hand.

      Well, they say Osbourne thing is a bit made up so here is a better example.

      Elop the genius, Nokia boss declared a freaking OS dead and expected people keep buying the handsets running that particular OS and developers who will also code new stuff for it!

      It happened just months ago. Nokia Symbian sales actually stopped. I am responsible for at least 5 "app freaks" cancelling their orders because there is no way they will be satisfied.

      So, leave Osbourne alone while you have the real suicidal ceo in hand.

    2. gafisher

      Not your typical beige box

      HP wants to be out of the commodity PC business; these fall outside that particular box.

      1. Ilgaz

        I know, you know, they don't

        Are you dumb enough to walk around having $6000 in cash and choose a laptop based on looks?

        They are. They are the segment HP/Apple care about. Also, they (sadly) happen to own large enterprises or will own once their parents are dead.

        So, sadly, whatever they think should really matter.

        Clever people who really understands what/why such decisions are made and knows the IT industry are waiting for dirt cheap i7 laptops now ;)

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Where's WebOS...


  10. Ilgaz

    Overheard today at a computer shop

    "Man how many times will I have to tell? HP is gone, they closed up factory" and couple of trendy, rich guys heading to Acer laptops. They bought couple of high end Acers and paid in cash. Now, these guys are the kind you should really care about.

    HP seems to have a huge communication problem.

    I also heard couple of people trying to return their perfectly working brand new i7 laptops because "HP has gone out of business."

    It seriously started to sound way worse than Elop/Nokia communications disaster. They had a perfect hardly earned prestige in laptop business unlike Nokia/Symbian which were already doomed.

    Do they really think they will manage to sell it now? IBM, the big blue who does freaking mainframes managed to exit PC so smooth that a Chinese company paid amazing money just to carry the model label and the prestige.

  11. Stu 18

    What an average design

    Nothing but disappointment as far as I'm concerned, and no SSD - why would a business want anything else. Local hard drives are for the bloated OS and software. You do want to be able to work before its home time.

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