back to article Sony schedules UK e-book store opening

Sony is to open its own e-book shop in the UK. The Reader Store will allow owners of Sony's lastest Reader e-book viewer to buy content on the device itself. The new Reader, the PRS-T1, was announced at the IFA consumer electronics show last week, and has Wi-Fi on board - the first time Sony has made an wirelessly connected …


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  1. DrXym Silver badge

    Last of a dying breed

    I suspect that e-ink is on its last legs. Tech like Mirasol is likely to make e-ink look antiquated and it can't be long either before something appears to use it. Failing that I suspect most people would prefer OLED / LCD over e-ink even if the latter is more readable outdoors and uses less power.

    On the subject of this device, I have a previous gen PRS-350 and it's amazing how much difference touch makes to e-readers. Most ereaders are festooned with buttons to speed up the sluggish UI, but IR touch works remarkably well and accurately. I don't know if wifi would do much except for people who want stuff delivered to their device automatically but it might allow Sony to make enough coin to subsidize the device to Amazon levels.

    1. Fuzz

      Not so sure

      The MEMS screens I've seen don't look as nice as e-ink and anybody who's ever used an e-ink based screen on a sunny beach will understand how much better the technology is than an LCD screen for this kind of application.

    2. deains

      Not on my street!

      Every day on the train, the carriage is full of Kindles. Far from being a dying technology, eInk is very much in demand thanks to Amazon. Their screens are far better than any OLED offering for reading books, and that's not likely to change any time soon.

      If you've ever read books, there's no way you'd opt for a backlit screen on an e-Reader over an eInk one. It's just a silly choice. They are two completely different technologies designed to address vastly different problems.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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