back to article Apple's iTunes Match music service goes beta

Apple's iTunes Match service – which, as its name implies, matches your music collection with tunes in Apple's iCloud – has gone beta to US developers. As reported by MacRumors and others, the announcement came in an email message to developers on Monday evening. To take advantage of the beta, devs will have to subscribe to …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Funny how times change

    Funny how times change.

    I remember a few years ago the music industry sued numerous companies which did EXACTLY this citing copyright infringement. At the time the music industry claimed that even though the exact same track was already on the server it was still necessary to upload the same track to a personal version otherwise they called it file sharing.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Funny how money changes things...

      @AC: "the music industry sued numerous companies which did EXACTLY this"

      Did these numerous companies negotiate an agreement with the music labels and fork over millions first, or did they just plough ahead on their own?

  2. J 3


    60 thousand dollars worth of music? Hm...

  3. Anonymous Coward

    All my music is already on the cloud...

    It's called the pirate bay.

    IT'S A JOKE, OK !

  4. Confuciousmobil

    Mac only

    Apart from being only available in the USA it is also nly available on Macs not Windows.

    Chances of it reaching the UK are slim with our antiquated laws as we're not even allowed to rip our CDs....

    1. Nick Pettefar


      I believe you are now.


    2. adam roberts

      UK will get it

      It's starting first in the US then moving to UK shortly after.

      It's only on the mac during beta phase and will move to windows when iOS 5 is released.

      See -

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