back to article £69 Pre 3 spied on HP UK website

HP's Pre 3 smartphone has made an appearance on the company's website priced at a mere £69 including VAT. While HP's main Pre page says the WebOS handset is "sold out", the "Handheld PCs" section of the site lists the Pre 3 at the knock-down price. Previously, the Pre 3 was priced at £299. £69 Pre 3 on HP UK website Alas, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Not available through HP

    Just the suggested retail price and they are unsure as to why it's been posted....

  2. Pete 43
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    Cant see them selling many

    Also, I bet that the Touchpad sales have come to a standstill since the price went back up.

  3. MonkeyFeet

    Don't call HP

    Don't bother phoning HP, they'll just tell you they don't have any stock and don't know of any other options.

  4. Anonymous Coward


    Can't even manage not to sell it properly, though it didn't take long to get through on the phone.

  5. forger

    Phone number

    from you can use 020 7949 0300 instead of 0845 270 4142

  6. Bad Beaver

    Plain and simple


  7. Matt Bryant Silver badge


    Nice tech? Check. Very cheap price for a smartphone? Check. Still not interested? Check. Sure, they may get it to run Android apps, but then why not just buy an Android phone in the first place?

    1. Alienrat

      reason being

      Because a webOS phone sounds like a really interesting thing, whereas an android phone doesn't?

  8. Xeonwales

    Old News

    This site has been live since Wednesday 24.8.11 & has had the £69 price point there. This may be HP's RRP, but when there is no stock, it's worthless anyway.

  9. milla03

    No stock, no chance

    Just called today on the off chance. No stock, no update on availability, basically no chance. Which is a shame really :-(

  10. Brett
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    ASA anyone?

    Must be worth reporting to the ASA ???

    Other retailer would get hammered for this.

    Shame cos I'd like one, especially at that price.....

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