back to article Dog fight game bitten with pro-PETA virus

Supporters of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) organisation may have embraced new measures in the fight for animal rights, allegedly releasing a malware-infected version of a dog-fighting app PETA wants banned. Virus spotter Symantec says it found an infected pre-release version of Dog Wars on warez sites …


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  1. Aaron Em

    May as well have been PETA officially

    It's pointless, meaningless, insulting, foolish, and an obvious grab for headlines -- everything, in fact, that I've learned to associate with PETA activities.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Good for PETA

      Why do you think campaigning against dog-fighting is pointless, meaningless, insulting or foolish - unless, of course, you support dog-fighting?

    2. Oli Wright
      Thumb Up

      Don't be silly

      PETA would never *officially* do something like this. They'll just fund it on the side ...

      1. Ru

        You seem to be confusing games and reality

        I trust you also support campaigning against murder simulators, megalomaniac trainers and other undesirable works of fictional entertainment?

      2. Fibbles

        re: Good for PETA

        Dog fighting and computer games containing dog fighting are not the same thing. Also, GTA isn't the cause of gang crime. Also, also, have you ever played Pokemon? You may be in for a shock.

      3. Chad H.

        @ AC

        DOes adorothy know you're playing with the straw man?

        Most of PETAs actions are stupid; especially the ones that would be called terrorism if a Muslim did it.

        That, and if PETA had their way their founder would be dead (She's Diabetic!)

        1. Steven Roper

          @ Chad H.

          Agree with you there mate - I've long maintained that PETA should be listed as a terrorist organisation and its members rounded up and arrested. These self-righteous bigots are as bad as any nutjob religion for forcing their way of life on everyone else. One of these days they'll piss off some politician and find themselves on the international terrorist register - at which point I'll throw a street party!

      4. Aaron Em

        Best comment award

        "Why do you think campaigning against dog-fighting is pointless, meaningless, insulting or foolish - unless, of course, you support dog-fighting?"

        Straight for the throat in the best progressive tradition. Don't you ever change.

        1. Anonymous Coward

          I take it you think yelling FIRE in a theatre should be protected free speech also Aaron?

          Would you find it ok if someone released a game called "Nigger Lynching" or "Gas them Kikes"? Or perhaps found someone playing one of those games?

          Would you find that repulsive and racially inflammatory?

          If the former then you are a bigger twunt than I first thought, if the latter then you are a hypocrite.

          I don't agree with PETA and would send animals anywhere other than PETA, however in this case anyone playing this so called "game" has some serious psychiatric issues and those who defend their "rights" to do so are just as guilty. Bear in mind those who abuse animals through making them fight, torturing or otherwise mistreating animals are very likely to proceed onto murder, torture and other deviant and repugnant behaviour towards humans also and studies have shown animal abusers demonstrate sociopathic and psychopathic tendencies.

          By the way I am a proud dog owner and my dog is a member of the family and put it this way I would do whatever it takes to protect my family and I abhor those who abuse animals, either mentally or physically (yes most animals do actually have feelings, sadly many dogs display strong signs of fear, terror, pain etc due to their moronic "owners" who listen to "cesar" and other outmoded idiots endorsing abusive behaviour and methods that used on a child would be classed as torture and land you in a cell or cannot fit a collar properly so the dog is getting choked constantly or in the case of head collars blinded as the head collar is chafing their eyeball due to the poor fitment)

          Then again this probably won't sink in as it doesn't comply with your Voltaire inspired world view where people can say and do as they please with no consequences.

          1. Aaron Em

            Bit ranty, aren't we?

            Have you taken the time to check with black people or Jews, or for that matter children, about putting them on the same level with dogs? I think you might find you are not quite as simon-pure as you believe yourself to be!

            "I don't agree with PETA"

            Your argument here, quite aside from bearing every sign of unthinking hysteria, is but one step away from "a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy" -- and it's a rather short step, at that, so short in fact that I can't even see it and credit you with its existence only because I'm just that nice a guy. I therefore find your quoted protest somewhat less than wholly persuasive; you may claim not to think very highly of PETA but you are criticizing them from the left, if at all.

            To answer your question, so you can't use my failure to do so as a cheap excuse for ignoring everything I've said: yes, I'd find those games repulsive; no, I wouldn't likely care for someone who played them -- and, no, I don't find them racially inflammatory, because I'm not idiot enough to mix them up with someone actually carrying out lynchings or trying to bring back Bergen-Belsen, and I don't equate this piss-ant nonsense little cellphone game with actual animal abuse for the same simple reason.

            That reason being, of course, because I have enough sense of the difference between fantasy and reality to understand that things people do in video games don't actually happen in the real world, and I am no longer so bound up in the progressive concept of sin that I fail to realize the attitudes which would lead someone to enjoy a dog-fighting video game -- or, for that matter, a black-lynching or Jew-gassing one -- do not, by any means, necessarily translate into attitudes which would lead someone to enjoy a dogfight, or an auto-da-fe, or a gas chamber. Is the dogfighting game every bit as tasteless as, say, Postal 2? Oh, at least. Does it make people more likely to actually go pay to see a dogfight, or does Postal 2 make people more likely to go out and shove the muzzle of a firearm up a cat's asshole? Hell no.

            But, hey, go on calling me a sociopath and a psychopath like you know what you're talking about. I'm sure that will convince anyone who doesn't already agree with you.

    3. Anonymous Coward

      Stop the world I want to get off!

      I am genuinely curious to know what kind of emotionally stunted, screwed-up freak in this day an age, enjoys watching other like minded twats force two animals to tear each other to shreds? Even virtually, you've to got be pretty loose in the noggin to find it entertaining, surely? I bet if I offered these people something just as sickening like a child-raping simulation, they'd have me down the cop-shop so fast my feet wouldn't touch! Oh no sorry, it's just a bunch of dumb animals fighting each other and they love it, animals haven't got feelings.

      If this is how some people get their yah-yahs then humanity is not just stagnating but actually going backwards.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        So...'s ok to shoot people then?

        Or race cars around city streets?

        How about build cities and then wipe them out?

        Or about a little man that goes around eating ghosts?

        Or jumping on crocidiles and turtles backs to cross a river?

        Or shooting creatues from another world?

        Feel free not to buy it if your don't want can save the money for the Daily Mail.

      2. P Saunders

        I dunno

        Have you ever watched a boxing match?

        1. Armando 123


          Okay, boxing is rough, but there is a difference between two humans, of their own free will, stepping into the ring and what they do to dogs.

          Read the report on Michael Vick and what those dogs went through. I am a hunter and it sickened me.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Cool... Where can i get rabies???

    As a pest controller, i love killing small animals....Wasps, rats, mice, pigeons,rabbits, squirrels, the lot...

    If it moves and is considered a pest, them im up for kiiling it...

    Hows that PETA!!!!

    Cos its cretins like you lot, crying out to save the "little fluffy animals" that will be the first on the phone to me when you get a rat in the house spreading diseases everywhere. You wont mind me killing it then will you. Bunch of fucking hypocrites....

    Deaths the name, killings the game.

    1. adnim Silver badge


      just because we have apposable thumbs we have the right to kill anything we damn well fancy, including each other.

      I would guess that you don't train rats to tear each other apart?

      Seriously though, pest control by humane methods is in some cases a necessity, but to torture animals for amusement is something entirely different. However I do find it a little disturbing that you "love killing small animals".

      Many might find a game like this distasteful but so what? It's a video game, I am curious as to how dogs manage to use it for training purposes though.

    2. NomNomNom

      I think

      PETA's point is that if you become desensalized to violence against small animals you might accidentally kill a child one day. If a small child fell into a trap you had set for foxes and then you'd be like "oh we didnt consider children would get that small" and people would shake their heads and PETA would be there to say thanks a lot cornz1 for proving our point.

    3. Studley

      The game...

      ...appears to be the avoidance of apostrophes.

      You win.

    4. MooseNC


      And when bears learn to hold and fire automatic weapons and decide that you are a pest and need to be removed from what was once their forest? The people that call you are pussies that can't deal with their own problems, haven't you learned that yet?

      Oh, and the machines will one day decide that all of humanity is a pest. Their reasoning will include that we take no care for other life.

      Thank you for causing Judgement Day.

    5. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      As a pest controller ...

      ... you'll know that pigeons don't spread diseases.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Why do the most aimless, vitriolic, and idiotic animal rights supporters always seem to gather under the PETA banner?

    A message which says "Please don't support cruelty to animals"...etc would have been about a million times more constructive than the nonsense that they wrote.

    1. NomNomNom

      Im not

      im not defending PETA here but I can see there point about the dnagers of a game where dogs fight other dogs cuz I think it will encourage the kids to fight with dogs and I know its just a game but wolfenstein 3d was just a game too but see world war II actually happened so sometimes the lines between reality and fact get blurred if we arent careful.

      1. Oninoshiko

        Re: NomNomNom

        Umm. What?

        Are you implying that WW2 was caused by Wolfenstein?

        That's not right, it's not even wrong!

      2. Matt Siddall
        Thumb Up

        against my better judgement...

        I've just upvoted this post.

        I think it's a work of art, and must be a very carefully crafted troll. Observe the lack of punctuation, capitalisation and grammar. Look at words like dnagers and cuz. The long run on sentence. But above all else, the implication that world war 2 was caused by a computer game.

        This is a work of art, and should be recognised as such. I applaud you, NomNomNom!

      3. Ian Yates


        You have to use the "joke alert" tag for that kind of comment, I'm afraid. There are enough imbeciles around that comments like that could be taken seriously :)

      4. CD001


        Aaaaah - soooo close to a perfect troll - but you blew it by correctly using the word "too"!


  4. Mystic Megabyte Silver badge


    I know nothing about PETA and am not a Greenpeace or any other animal charity supporter.

    But anyone who thinks that dog fighting, real or virtual, is funny should be forcibly re-educated, preferably by being ripped to pieces by wild animals somewhere in the deep wilderness. Then see how they like it.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I have a game

    I have a game that pits animals against one another in a series of bouts - will these people try to infect Pikachu?

    How are battling virtual (read:non-existent) Pokemon any different than battling virtual dogs?

    (PETA used Media Whore - it's super-effective!)

    1. Oninoshiko

      I support this for dog fighters

      virtual dog fighters should, of course, be ripped apart virtually.

      Mines the one with the Code of Hammurabi in the pocket.

    2. CD001

      You realise

      You realise, of course, that that is life - it just is. You think hungry wolves would bat an eyelid at chewing up babies? Seriously, humans are nothing special, we're just chimps that learnt how to burn and kill things much more effectively - or to train other animals to do it for us.

      While I personally wouldn't get any kicks from dog fighting (or any other form of fighting really - smoke and chill brah), real or virtual, I don't for a minute separate the human species from any other violent predatory animal in terms of expected behaviour.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    And the game dev is doing what exactly?

    As per title, what is the game dev/publisher doing? As I'm pretty sure they the actions of the 'infacted' version are illegal & will be affecting the reputation of the dev/publisher, so they would have cause for a legal complaint.

    Not to mention the fact that as I recall making & then releasing into the wild virii or malware is illegal in pretty much every country across the world

    So why exactly isnt 'peta' in the dock over this already??

  7. MonkeyBot

    PETA are right

    I played Syndicate in the '90s and now I run an international criminal organisation using cyborg henchmen to sate my lust for credits.

  8. PacketPusher

    I don't support PETA, but ...

    that is hilarious!

  9. skeptical i

    Oh, THAT kind of dogfighting ...

    ... I was wondering why PETA was on about von Richthofen, Voss, McCudden, and other WWI / WWII aces. 8)

  10. MooseNC
    Thumb Down

    As long as it's just a game, eh?

    How about a game where you go around and try to rape as many people as you can? In this game, while you have the 14yo on the pinball table, you can actually PLAY the pinball game and get the special "Multi-task-that-ass" bonus! Then, after the raping, you can go and beat the hell out of as many people who are racially different (Set during character creation) as you can! Hey, no problem here, right? It's JUST A GAME!!! I know, you can add magic to the game to make it even MORE of a game. Sweet!

    Oh, and the difference between people killing people and people killings animals is that animals can't call the police.

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge
      Big Brother

      What are you, 12 years old?

      What is the point you are trying to make?

      Except you are yet another person who has trouble distinguishing the real from the rest.

      And animals calling police? What??

      "Hello I'm here in a meatshop and I have problems! Big problems!"

    2. Goat Jam

      Sounds Ace

      Can I get in on the beta?

    3. CD001


      Probably already exists in Japan.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "It's just a VIDEO GAME," it yelled

    Woah, now you expect PETA to have some sense?

    On the other hand, if I play a viideo game, it's to have fun. I can have fun playing Mario, I can even have fun shooting aliens in Gears of War... but dog fighting? How can a game like that be fun? Mind you, it's a simulation game, some people find Football Manager entertaining, and I never understood that either (but then I don't like football).

    Also, some people find "My Little Pony" entertaining, so I guess to each his own. Speaking of little pony, isn't painting a pony green, dying it's hair yellow and tatooing some stars on it a violation of ponies rights? PETA should seriously look into that, I find it appaling.

  12. Fab De Marco

    Honestly..... I'm curious

    Sure Dog Fighting is wrong to the nth degree, but how on earth can this app be used to train dogs how to fight? Is it really that detailed that it teaches you actual dog fighting trainers techniques.

    This is where PETA cocked up. i do actually have half a mind to download it just to see if they have a point.

    Another issue with the way the virus works is, what about land line numbers in your phone book. Imagine your phone rining and a robotic voice telling you I take pleasure in hurting small animals. How scary would that be

    On a side note, the service is called rabbies and stopping it could cause the dog app to fail. Surely stopping rabbies is only a good thing for Dogs So I would have stopped the service. JJ.

  13. Magnus_Pym

    Some of those aminals...

    ...ain't small and the certainly ain't cute either.

    Personally I think the breeders should be made to fight to the death for the entertainment of the folks. Mind you, they probably do that anyway.

  14. Armando 123


    PETA is a bunch of commie/hippy loops who have delusions of reality; I've often thought if releasing snakes and rabid wolves in their offices would make them feel closer to nature. Dog fighters deserve to be smeared in pig blood, tied down in the pits, and have hungry fighting dogs let loose. (The things I've seen working with canine rescue groups would sicken you.)

    If these two groups wipe each other out, I'm for it.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Ahh, balance...


    I mean, really - I harbor an extreme distaste for PETA's methods (not to mention their antisemitism) and am somewhat dismayed at their existence, since having sane animal rights beliefs ("Training animals to torture each other - bad") becomes associated with wackjobs.

    But at least they're consistent - unlike those who claim to dislike PETA's hyperbole and self-righteous fury... and then proceed to unleash (See what I did there?) precisely the same fury on PETA.

  16. This post has been deleted by its author

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