back to article Nintendo aims to fill stockings with Wii slim

The Nintendo Wii is set for a revamp this Christmas, with an all-new streamlined design. The 'Wii-design' will see the console now sport a more compact body. Unfortunately, it seems the size reduction has come at the cost of GameCube functionality, with no space left for the controller ports. Wii design The Wii has sold …


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  1. Mike Brown

    sorry nintendo

    i may be the only person that hasnt bought a wii, but im not going too. even a thinner one.

  2. Lupus


    because the Wii wasn't slim enough already? I call shenanigans!

    Clearly this is a desperate costcutting measure because people aren't buying enough Wii!

  3. Tony Barnes


    ...looks to be about the same sort of size to me - certainly not the massive drop down that the PS1 or PS2 enjoyed, even the PS3 slimmed up more than that?

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Seems rather pointless

    See above

  5. Greg J Preece

    What is this strange notion we have these days...

    First you build a console and sell it. Then you start removing functionality, and sell it for what the original console is now reduced to.

    *PS3 has lost functionality with every redesign.

    *DS Lite lost the GBA port when they made the DSi.

    *Wii loses GB functionality when it goes slim.

    *PSP Go lost the UMD drive (and suffered for it).

    Back when I was a kid, the rule was release a console, then release more add-ons that enhanced its functionality, not rip bits out.

    *The Super Nintendo had an adaptor *added* for Game Boy games. It also got one for satellite service in Japan, and god only knows how many peripherals. Still got my Super Scope, region adaptor, etc.

    *The Mega Drive had two major hardware upgrades, and several integrated redesigns that were more advanced than the original. The games might have been shit, but the attempt was there.

    *The N64 was given a hard drive.

    *The PS One supported an external monitor (though they did drop some ports due to the smaller size)

    *The PS2 slim came with the network adaptor integrated, rather than being a separate add on (though again lost the expansion bay). And what about the PSX?

    Surely this is the selling point of a redesign or upgrade? More kit!

  6. Jeremy 2

    No Gamecube ports...

    Losing the backwards compatibility and controller ports = total deal breaker.

  7. Pypes


    You take an already comparatively microscopic console with very low power consumption, and a pretty saturated market....

    Then you make it marginally smaller and remove some important functionality and claim this is going to sell like hotcakes come Christmas... Yeah right!

    I'd also like to take this opportunity to remind people that Nintendo have a lucrative little sideline in re-selling you games you played 2 decades ago to play on your new hardware. (Nintendo milking 20 year old I.P., who would have thought!) I dare say that having a working "gamecube" in every living-room is looking like a decidedly bad idea with regards to selling you downloadable copys of mario sunshine and wind waker when they start flogging the wii-u

  8. Chris 171

    Does it play DVD's yet?

    Still seemingly missing a massive trick here in my opinion. A freeview tuner would also be a good idea to make their device more relevant in the home AV setup, (ideal for non tech heads of this world at least).

  9. Eddy Ito Silver badge

    Just missed

    I often thought it just missed the size mark. Just a tweak smaller and it could fit into a standard 5-1/4 drive bay. Couple it with an adapter that would allow it to interface with the PC and a portable housing for independent/mobile use and you would have a rather nice multipurpose unit. Oh well, now I just use dolphin so there isn't much point now.

  10. Mike Judge

    I wonder if the Xbox fanboys will go to town on this

    for removing Gamecube compatibility, like the Xbox fanboys did about the PS3 losing PS2 compatibility and OtherOS...

    Who wants to bet not...

  11. Anonymous Coward



    The Wii isn't exactly huge to start with, apart from a mini sales boost theres no real reason to make it smaller..

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Slim shady

    The natural evolution of consoles.

    MegaDrive, PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360

    Gamecube functionality - I did seek out Mario Kart DD and a gamecube controller. Bit of a pain though with a wire across the living room, and the wireless controllers having suddenly jumped up in price.

    Nice idea though, backwards-compatibility in hardware, next to the half-hearted software mode of the 360 and Sony giving up on the idea entirely.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      You know the PS3 launched after the XBox360 and is considerably more powerful (not that the multiplatform titles would show you that).

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Don't really care

        I don't care in the slightest when X preceded Y.

        Both went from first release to a slimmed down version to boost sales halfway through their lifecycle. THAT is the natural progression of consoles.

        Car manufacturers do the same halfway through a model lifecycle, although it is usually more of a facelift

  13. Madboater

    They don't really beleive

    That changing the shape, size or colour will actualy increase sales do they, how stupid do they think we are?

    Oh it does....

  14. tw@tpanda

    Its a bit late in the game for a redesign

    Surely everyone who wanted a Wii already has one? Who would buy this new bundle?

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Doesn't removing those ports ...

    ... hose people with games like (Dance Dance Revolution) that use those ports for connecting the foot pads? Or does Nintendo consider that a non-standard configuration?

    Upgrades that have less than the predecessor - total FAIL

  16. MJI Silver badge

    Everyone who wants a Wii has one

    They have wasted money on this redesign.

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