back to article Motorola beefs up rugged Android smartphone

Despite obvious distraction in the form of a rather large Google takeover yesterday, Motorola still found time to announce a Defy refresh, upping the speed of the rugged smartphone by 25 per cent. The Motorola Defy+ now packs a 1GHz processor, which not only puts it 200MHz ahead of its predecessor, but also keeps one foot in …


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  1. My Alter Ego


    While it sounds good - for sailing, hiking skiing etc, I really balk at the idea of getting a phone with Motoblur.

    WTF is wrong with stock Android - I want to use my phone, not gaze adoringly at it while it struggles to do anything due to excessive bloat.

  2. tmTM


    How exactly is it rugged, it doesn't appear to be designed for brickies to use on a building site.

    It looks like most other phones the company has out, just abit smaller.

  3. DF118

    That's good...

    ...if only because it means there's a good chance I'll get gingerbread on my Defy v1

  4. Phil Endecott Silver badge


    > the Defy+ still sports the company's front-end, Motoblur

    Well that's a shame. Nice hardware, utterly ruined by the ghastly software.

    (I bought the original Defy after a previous phone died after being out in some light rain. But I don't actually use it, because the MotoBlur stuff is so nasty.)

  5. AndyMM

    How good is the Defy at making calls ?

    I had a Droid and liked the phone but found the speech very muffled both rcv and tx. Had lots of complaints from customers so switched to Nexus 1 then a Desire both of which are great.

    Because of the Droid I am a bit wary of Motorola, has anyone found problems with the original Defy ? I know there were a lot of reported problems in the speech quality of the Droid (But I was an early adopter so did not see them :-( but I have not seen much bad about the Defy apart from Speed and the new Defy+ seems to sort that out.

    Very Happy with my Desire and Nexus One but thinking about Android Phones for the (Very Clumsy) Wife and Children :-)

    Thanks for any info


    1. Craigness


      The original has a rubberised surround, rubber caps on the ports, a lockable back and visible screws (which are probably just for show). Like this one, it has gorilla glass, and I expect this one has the other features too.

  6. Craigness

    "...sometime this autumn"

    I wouldn't count on the release date. This has rounded corners and a flat screen, so it might get a ban.

    Nice phone though. I remember the reviewer here of the original Defy bought one for himself (and installed a decent launcher to replace Motoblur). I nearly did the same.

  7. Handle This

    No Opinion, Except

    No opinion on the phone, but keep an eye on the psychopath on the illustrated screen, trying to entrap innocent users with coffee bait.

  8. Tim #3


    I've been a tad tempted by a Defy, as it's the nearest thing to my ideal option of a rugged non-smart phone witha decent camera. However, one -ve frequently mentioned is the motoblur software- I now gather this can be removed however, but would doing so invalidate the warranty?

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