back to article Accenture closes in on Aus government e-health tender

Accenture is understood to have secured the national infrastructure partner contract for Australia's AU$467m personally-controlled electronic healthcare records (PCEHR) project. The tender, released by the Department of Health and Ageing in February, includes three core components; a benefits and evaluation partner, a national …


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  1. Combat Wombat


    Yeah.... watch this project..

    It'll go 10x over budget, and 200% over schedule.

    Accenture can't organize a kick in a riot

  2. Andy Mac

    Words fail me...

    So Accenture bagged another e-Health project? I guess they have a lot of talent lying around after losing the NHS NPfIT contract.

    And they wonder why government projects fail.

    1. Bonzo the Wonder Dog
      Thumb Up

      No need for the troll icon, Wombat

      Not when everything you say is true.

      A quick Google search of "ato accenture change program budget overrun" will unveil a litany of Accenture cash-pissing.

  3. kosh


    So it's going to another overpriced enterprise bigcorp catastrophe.

    Accenture - the team that brought you the phrase "Justifiable non-delivery".

    When are people going to learn that the consulting IT giants are only in it to do the minimum amount of work for the maximum amount of money?

  4. ScepticMan

    It's not all Accenture's fault....

    ... NEHTA haven't decided what the system is supposed to do yet.

    They haven't released the final Concept of Operations document. Maybe they are going to retrofit the ConOp with Accenture's Singapore solution. After all, eHealth is the same the world over and everyone has the same privacy laws and Australia is the same size and has the same legal systems as Singapore.

    Oh I've just realised - they're not the same.

    Oh well, it's the ignorant leading the blind again.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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