back to article Gary McKinnon support website defaced

A support blog for alleged Pentagon hacker Gary McKinnon had its domain name hijacked on Friday morning. Serial defacer TurkGuvenligi posted an image of an old fella spinning a plate (which looks a bit like a flying saucer) on his finger on the FreeGary support blog. An image of the domain hack can be found here. We notified …


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  1. Mondo the Magnificent

    The devil made him do it...

    If ever caught TurkGuvenligi can always claim he has "Aspergers Syndrome" thus not knowing that he was actually committing a crime

    This "syndrome" seems to be the new defense weapon for hackers and Gary McKinnon's defense council are using it as an excuse to prevent his extradition.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: The devil made him do it

      <-- See icon. HTH

    2. Toggi3


      Its really annoying to me that people are using aspergers as a defense when it does not imply (inherently) that you are less capable of choosing right from wrong. Especially when the person in question is obviously aware what they did was wrong (I find it hard to believe Gary did not). What Gary might not have expected is how ruthless/cold/harsh the US judicial system is towards computer crime. I guess I dont blame him too much as nobody wants to go to prison, but its a really poor defense to say 'I am just so obsessive in my search for aliens that sometimes I commit international computer crime without realizing!'. If that defense flies where does it end? It creates this assumption that people with autism related disorders are not trustworthy and incompetent. Gary knew what he was doing was wrong, if his defense wants to claim that US prison is too great a hardship for him, the least they should do is argue that infront of a US court.

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  3. Anonymous Coward

    He was just looking for proof of aliens


  4. Juan Inamillion
    Black Helicopters

    Look again

    It's actually evidence of conspiracy of the gubberment to hide alien spacecraft, as depicted by an 'elder' pointing to one... Really....

  5. Qdos

    You couldn't make it up...

    Aspergers sufferers do no have problems understanding the law, they are not like those with certain other psychological problems.

    AS kids have obsessions, but when an obsession clashes with the law they are aware that to pursue it is illegal.

    Ship him off to the USA, at least it'll probably save the taxpayer one DLA claim.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Gary who?

    Don't know the chap.

  7. P. Lee

    Poetic justice

    Billions of dollars in costs to fix all the damage, taking many months! Stop at nothing to track them down across the globe, fling them into the lowest dungeon and throw away the key!

    Oh wait... that's not it... the patch was applied, as it should have been earlier, backups were restored and everyone went down the pub for lunch on Friday.

    I think there's a lesson in there somewhere...

  8. Lloyd


    The aspergers defence seems to get everyone riled but what should be getting them riled is that fact that McKinnon is described as a hackers, from what I've read, the servers he accessed were unsecured, how is that hacking?

    1. Marvin O'Gravel Balloon Face


      Guy does the digital equivalent of wandering into an unlocked building, reads a few reports left by the photocopier and leaves a postit note saying "you numpties have no bloody locks on your doors"...

      Next thing he's accused of causing gazillions of pounds worth of damage (as they decide to invest in some locks) and threatening national security, and practically evac'd to gitmo for the old rubber glove treatment.

      As there isn't a crime on the statute books entitled "embarrassing the US government" they have to do him for something that, ordinarily, would warrant a few hours picking up litter in the local park.

  9. Chris 228

    Close but no cigar

    More like guy breaks into a military facility, (which is a crime), rifles through documents, (also a crime), get's caught and now cries Asswipers Disease. He may be an incompetent hacker but he is still a hacker and criminal and that's why he will go to prison for a long time.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Up

      Now wait just a minute

      How dare you post an intelligent response.

      Thank You!

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