back to article Fujitsu staff vote on strikes

Unionised workers at Fujitsu are being balloted for strike action after they were refused below inflation pay rises. The Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union is testing the appetite for industrial action among 750 IT support staff at the integration arm of the Japanese giant working on government contracts across the UK …


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  1. Captain Scarlet Silver badge
    Thumb Down


    Why do bosses always get bonuses, no wonder people are so dismal these days.

    "senior bosses pocketing bonuses of £14,000 or more"

  2. Armando 123

    Wwwwwwwwait a minute

    They were offered RAISES? In *this* economy? And they're going on strike?

    Look, I'm not saying they don't deserve more, but seriously, folks, have you ever heard of this thing called "the economy"?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The Fujitsu spokesman's viewpoint is, perhaps unsurprisingly, not shared with this union member, who would describe it as, "The union took the members' demands to management, all of which were refused, so the union moved to a ballot to ask whether the members would take industrial short or including strike action to demonstrate the strength of feeling behind those demands".

    Against that background of broken promises it starts to look like a less unreasonable course of action.

    AC because, well, just because.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      After three years of pay freezes,

      yes, we've heard of it, not sure that the senior reaches of management have though.

      1. Mr Young

        3 ferking years of pay freezes?

        Is that all you have suffered - what a shame

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Why not?

      If I worked for a company that exceeds its stated financial goals, then yes, I *do* expect to be rewarded for the effort that I and my colleagues have invested in that success. The wider economy might be 'dire' but Fujitsu, like other companies, are successfully meeting or exceeding their goals. Why shouldn't their workers get a reward?

    3. colind1961

      management bonuses

      If Fujitsu is profitable,can give the managers five-figure bonuses and pay the dividends to their shareholders, they can stump up to the people actually doing the work!

  4. Mr Young

    I know what! Lets vote for a strike!!!

    When was the last time a union was useful? Tolpuddle martyrs maybe?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Get back to you on that one

      at the end of the dispute, ok?

    2. vic 4

      You ever been in a union?

      Group bargaining has a lot going for it, strikes are a rare occurrence. If you look at any large company you'll see different groups of employees in unions and some that aren't, guess which ones get a bigger payrise. Those not in a union have no recourse, other than going to their line manager who is probably in exactly the same boat and get no where.

      1. Teorias

        And how much does the Union pocket from its associates....

        Its not like most of them are there to help you.

        They are mostly, like the senior management, bloodsuckers of your every penny.

        The only thing they know how to do is strikes and BEWARE if you're an member and say NO,

        They'll crucify you were you stand.

        And why should those lazy Union bums be payed more than the other workers.

        Epic Fail.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Oh dear

          Did a nasty union steal your lunch money?

        2. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          re: And how much does the Union

          not as much as you'd lose out on if you weren't.

          > And why should those lazy Union bums be payed more than the other workers.

          They shouldn't, but without a union what can you do, go cry to your boss, say you are unhappy, chances are they are too? Say that you are going to work to rule will get you nowhere, in fact will likely set you back when it comes to the next promotions board. In my experience IT workers are a lot likely not to be in a union that many other industries. One place I worked at had an employees forum, they got to decide what coffee was bought, thats about it. a different office got a 2% more pay rise than us, why? Because management could, sure people whined a bit more for a bit but after a while began to believe they were lucky to have a job.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    I left Fujitsu in 2005

    Went to SERCO, same beast but pay increases were in the contract, I had 2 years at Fuj with the yearly review put off for 6 months, then another 6 months, then another year...finally 1.5% after 2 years and 4.5% inflation....they milk the UK.Gov for millions yet claim poverty.....they bid in the List X ring fenced "we'll pay whatever you say" arena and charge extra for EVERY thing above telephone (india BTW) support, they even hire in skilled people to set it up, then put their own staff in charging MCSE rates for someone who took 9 goes to pass the ECDL.

    They have buckets of money in the parent company, but none for the UK workforce.

    Sooner UK.Gov realise they are better off in-sourcing and paying decent wages / training, the sooner the gov IT bill and project failure rate will drop, most outsource contract staff are not even able to afford the subsidised civil service canteens in their workplaces

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Gov IT

      "Sooner UK.Gov realise they are better off in-sourcing and paying decent wages / training, the sooner the gov IT bill and project failure rate will drop,"

      Couldn't of put it better myself! Something needs to change, now on gov project #2 at an IT consultancy, same issues, bigger budget, bigger fail.

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  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Where's the problem?

    I'm struggling to understand all the hate for a bunch of people trying to get a decent pay rise in our industry. Don't we like pay rises?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      I suppose the fact that hundreds of thousands of former IT workers no longer have jobs at all, or are facing being axed might be why some people are a bit pissed.

  7. Mr Young

    There is no problem

    Apart from the paper money shitstorm occurrence that seems to be happening

  8. SplitBrain

    FFS Just Deal with it!

    Our industry is our industry, capitalism is capitalism, just deal with the reality of it for fucks sake and stop moaning.

    I didn't think my pay raise's and bonus's were up to much, so I have left and am working for myself, as a freelancer, running my own company. Whether it works out of not remains to be seen, but I am giving it a go, and not sitting on my ass moaning...

    I'm fairly young, been in the industry for 9 years, that's it. But I think there is a major difference in mentality over us "young uns" (up to mid 30's) and people a bit older (Over mid 30's). Us younger folk know we are expendable, we have no loyalty, absolutely none, for our employer because we are not shown any in return, we accept this. Older folk appear to think they have a "right" to stuff, job's, pay raises etc. You have rights to absolutely bugger all....consequence of living in a fiercely capitalist country. Move with the time's people, if you don't like where you are simply leave and get another job, if you can't, or don't want to, don't fucking moan about it. I hear this shit from people all too often, not just in IT....

    Rant Over.

    1. Richard 120

      Fiercely Capitalist?

      A country which has the NHS & the DWP and has a signifgicant Labour party following is "Fiercely" capitalist?

      I think you'll find that the fiercely capitalist are in the minority, the most capitalist people I know are still keen on the NHS, an inherently socialist organisation.

      It might be that they don't think before they open their mouths of course.

      1. SplitBrain

        @ Richard 120


        Of course we live in a capitalist society, you matter not one jot to your employer, Fujitsu, and any other public listed company has one mission only, to deliver for their shareholders. As long as that will be the case the bottom line is all that counts, and employees will continue to get stiffed. It doesn't matter what your personal thoughts on the matter are, whether you consider yourself a capitalist or socialist makes no difference, we live in the UK. Do I like the fact that fat cat's chase bonus's and short term gain over long term loss for the sake of their shareholders, no of course not.

        Do I accept it, yes I do. I have chosen to go freelance so I am not subject to the poor pay raises and bonus's, anyone in IT can do it (if your any good), if you don't then that is your choice and you have to live with it. Get a new job, go freelance, or move out of the country, those are your options....take one of them or shut up.

        1. Richard 120

          Reading difficulties or intelligence problem?

          I take it you have a problem interpreting subtleties then?

          Like the difference between "fiercely capitalist", where there would be no benefits for the jobless and not a chance of healthcare for those with no money, and capitalist, like the UK.

          Just because it's your opinion that everybody should only work for as money and they should only work for themselves it does not make it the opinion of everybody else, and fortunately so.

          There are other options to becoming a contractor, that is why unions exist.

          Good luck with the contracting, let's hope those skills are always in demand and that there aren't too many younger and smarter kids coming through to take away the work. I'm sure you'll do fine.

          If you do have trouble though, you can always move country, you won't be missed.

  9. Bored Now...

    Arse and Elbow....

    Having worked with Fujitsu in public and private sector forms this does not surprise me!

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