back to article Hack on Hong Kong Stock Exchange disrupts trading

Hackers took down a website belonging to the Hong Kong stock Exchange, prompting Asia's third-largest securities exchange to suspend trading in the shares of London-based HSBC and six other companies. “Our current assessment is that this is the result of a malicious attack by outside hacking,” HKEx Chief Executive Charles Li, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No worries about the trading platform itself..

    .. as their trading systems are well isolated from the news website - and the protection of that trading system is very well done. The exposure is in the area of deceptive news. Irritating but more limited scope IMHO.

    1. Rob Dobs

      Isolated How?

      I hear this each isolation line anytime a market has any kind of attack.

      How are any of these the markets isolated?

      Completely and utterly disconnected from any network?

      No one uses flash drives or disk that connect to computers at home and at the market?

      No single person has remote lines via TCP/IP or even dial up that can send/receive trade information?

      Easy enough to understand that one particular news site is not directly sharing database or connections with the market systems, but to assume that these market systems are off the grid is not accurate

      I don't really believe they can be isolated, and at the same time accept remote connections for electronic trading at the same time. I understand the Pentagon has pretty good actual isolation of their machines, and maybe the CIA etc does too, but then we hear the CIA director was looking at top secret files on his home WINDOWS PC. Wonder if he brought them home with a flash drive, wonder if he brought it back to work after plugging it into his potentially affected machine?

      1. Kebabbert

        @Rod Dobs

        Typically these Exchange servers are sitting on a separate network, totally isolated. The Exchange personel has different computers, one PC to the test environment, and another PC to the production environment. The members (banks, hedge funds, etc) that trade on the Exchange are connected via a dedicated leased line, or via a secure encrypted channel over internet.

  2. AB

    Trading system unaffected

    So unless I'm missing something, this is not a very exciting story. It's still news, but only just.

  3. Rob Dobs

    News enough

    Scared them enough to STOP trading... that's usually news and doesn't happen for much.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    self preservation ?

    Maybe it wasn't malicious but more a desperate attempt to stop a bunch of idiots trading away more of our money ....

This topic is closed for new posts.

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