back to article Do you keep your job when your IT is in the cloud?

Imagine for a moment that your IT department uses cloud services for storage. And apps. And security. And development. So what do you do now? Heartbroken as you will be to never have to patch another server, what's the future for in-house IT delivery? We've been here before, with outsourcing, and the results weren't pretty in …


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  1. Scarborough Dave

    Cloud is comming whether we like it or not!

    My MD is very keen on Cloud having been an MD's only "the future of business" type meeting.

    Though he was reminded this week when two of the BB lines went down and we were left with my "final fall over solution" a WIMAX connection to my home BB line to maintain internet access.

    Then one of the managers got "fraped" down the pub, on his own mobile, and sent a rather obscene message on the company email system to the management team. :)

    So we will have to adapt to this new future.

  2. Caff

    video blocked

    Any chance of transcripts for those of us who are behind quite strict firewalls that block video?

  3. Ged T

    Keep your job? Yes, but you just need to...

    ...pack a parachute! Just in case...

  4. Bram

    Totally agree

    with what they are saying, but this only applies to countries where there is a good enough internet infrastructure in place

  5. Jonjonz

    Zero Experience Lacky Hack Mouths Off

    This git has no experience outside of sucking rears at the big M, got a job hawking MS cloud products and has no idea how the real world works. You can see the contempt practically drip off the interviewer for this clueless snobby jerk. The cloud is just one more way to eliminate jobs. You know how a cakewalk works. Same deal, except the prize at the end is the last person sitting gets to keep/have a job at the same or better rate. The rest are screwed.

  6. Kay Burley ate my hamster

    Are you freaking serious

    This guy is clueless, he seems to know nothing about IT. I hope Microsoft isn't totally populated by read-and-repeat-(badly) twats like him.

    This video should have been abandoned by the interviewer after the first minute.

    1. Phil_Evans


      @Kaye are hoping in vain, I'm afraid, MSFT *is* full of clueless half wit 'read-and repeat' types because it's a marketing organisation only. The code is shocking, support pretty rubbish and even when you have a cloud from MSFT in Europe at least, you don't havethepromised availability - basic stuff.

      It's like Currys getting into bespoke high-end business services - does not compute. The 'consumerisation' this guy talks about is confusing the need for 'simple and EFFECTIVE'. Consumerisation means 'whatever quality' at the lowest cost. Not what a growing business needs.

      Nicely put.

  7. Combat Wombat

    Yeah I am not too fussed..

    This cloud thing is really just a way of trying to outsource more IT work to India.

    Any company that out sources all their servers to the "cloud" deserve all the problems they get.

    No one is picking up MS's Azure cloud in any serious way.

    I am safe and secure in my job, so it looks like I am getting drunk this weekend. :D

  8. Anonymous Coward

    So, to sum this twit up.

    A cowboy and a tour guide will need to get on a train to go and get some cattle.

    I'm sold.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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