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Sony is touting a new feature for PlayStation 3 that uses the forthcoming PS Vita as a controller, in a way that sounds suspiciously similar to Nintendo's next-gen console, the Wii U Sony Europe's Phil Rogers talked-up the Vita's Wii U-like capabilities at the Develop Conference 2011 this week, Eurogamer reports. Sony NGP " …


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  1. Alan Scott

    Didn't PSP do this?

    I never had a PSP, but I thought Sony touted the PSP as having this feature? Or was this another feature Sony got rid of?

    1. noboard
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      The odd game supported being displayed and controlled from the PSP while running on the PS3, you could even connect the devices over the internet.

      I can't help but think Sony are repeating the same mistakes that they made with the PSP. Concentrate on the graphics and ignore everything else. PSP played PS2 games on the move, Vita plays PS3 games on the move. Maybe the extra thumbstick will make all the difference.

    2. DrXym Silver badge

      Yes it did

      You could remotely control the PS3 and play videos and even a few games. The impediment of course was the PSP controller has less buttons and sticks. I suppose the Vita could be a closer match though games would have to have the spare CPU and latency to make remote play possible. I expect the Vita could also act as a super controller, acting like a dualshock with the display / touch screen supplying additional controls.

      The Wii-U is basically treading the same ground here though since the controller is part of the console the functionality is likely to be employed by more games.

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  2. Anonymous Coward
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    Location based gaming

    of Vita sounds really impressive. I suspect Nintendo will also copy that (like they have pretty much copied everything of Sony of late, including the Wii-mote, which the PS Move predates by many years).

  3. Greg 16


    "The Wii was a huge success due to its unique selling point of motion control"

    I think that the price, the target market and then the "everyones got one, so I'll get one too" mindset, had as much to do with the wii's success as the wiimote.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Think you got your facts wrong.

      "which the PS Move predates by many years"

      You mean the PS Move that was announced nearly 4 years AFTER Nintendo announced the Wiimote, and 3 years after it actually launched said remote?

      1. DrXym Silver badge

        Move has been around a lot longer than that

        Virtually the same tech was being demoed for the PS2. Look for the clips on YouTube. I'd add that even when the Wii was new people were turning up the patents for the Sony device. The major difference was the Wii remote contains the camera and syncs with a light bar on the TV whereas the Sony solution sees the camera on the TV and the light on the controller.

        It may be that Sony chose to release Move in response to the Wii but it is eminently clear it was no afterthought.

  4. Goffee

    A new level of Jesus non-phone?

    Users can play against PS3 and Xbox gamers, copy save games from PS3 to PSV and much more,

  5. leon stok


    Initially similar features were announced for the PSP (using the PSP as mirror for an F1 game or remote display) but currently only some games provide remote play (also due to control issues with a single analogue stick, and inherent latency via WiFi) although playing music and movies works great via remote play. (which includes turning on a PS3 remotely).

    (i have used this to watch movies stored on a NAS, played via PS3, streamed to PSP over the internet.)

  6. Greg J Preece

    I'm with you on this

    "However, it's the 'Continuation Play' we're looking forward to the most, being able to play a game on one device and take it on the move with the other."

    Me too! I've been wondering if they'll double-package the PS3 and PSP games together at a reduced price point to get people using it. They could patch the PS3 versions of ported games for the same effect. It's a fantastic idea IMO.

  7. Techs UK

    Windows Phone 7 and Xbox too?

    Anyone see that demo on youtube with someone using the windows phone 7 to control an xbox game someone else was playing on kinect? you know, the one with all the balls flying about. suddenly makes the Wii U look less innovative.

  8. sabroni Silver badge

    surely the big difference between this and Wii U... that every wii U will have a touchscreen controller. That's certainly not the case for ps3. So will the games companies target a game at people who have a ps3 and psvita or the much bigger group who just have a ps3? Target the wii U and you know you've got a touch screen controller and can make it integral to the game.

    Apple play and iPhone is likely a much more common configuration, that's surely a much bigger market....

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