back to article Sony Ericsson signals Xperia X10 Gingerbread update

Sony Ericsson has posted Android 2.3 Gingerbread for last year's Xperia X10 smartphone. The phone maker promised the much sought after upgrade back in March, saying the software would arrive "late Q2/early Q3". Later, it revised that timeframe to early August. But we're still in late July, and here's Gingerbread. Sony …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Not there anymore...

    ...maybe they've changed their minds

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    X10 Mini/Pro?

    Will the Minis get an update? They were supposed to get them at the same time as the bigger phone, and did indeed get the 2.1 update prior to this one. I know someone who's been waiting for 2.2+ for aaaaages.

    1. shooi


      From the SE product blog:

      "Will you upgrade the XperiaTM X10 mini, mini pro and XperiaTM X8 to 2.3?

      No, we have no such plans. We have had to prioritize our resources and have therefore focused on delivering the upgrade to XperiaTM X10."

    2. Anonymous Coward

      All of us with these have been waiting for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages

      For one simple reason - battery life.

      The mini is a fantastic phone (especially for the price), but it eats a battery in a day if not even less. 2.3 is supposed to improve considerably on that.

      1. Greg J Preece

        Not forgetting install-to-SD

        The internal storage in the Mini Pro is a bit wee for a phone that can't install to SD.

  3. Timfy67

    Son - I am dissapoint.

    No mention on the SE site and my X10 reports no new upgrades available.

  4. shooi

    As you were...

    From the Product Blog:

    Clarification regarding Gingerbread upgrade for Xperia X10


    As some of you have seen we have communicated on that the Gingerbread software update for Xperia X10 is available. Unfortunately that information was a bit too premature. The launch is imminent and timing according to plan but we just need some more days before we can push the button. Please stay tuned here on the product blog where we will notify you as soon as the first software kits start to roll out.

    Also, please note that there is a lot of false commenting and posts impersonating Rikard Skogberg. Please respect the guidelines so that we can continue to have an open spirit and direct dialogue on this forum.

    Any new information regarding Sony Ericsson software updates will always be communicated as a blog post, not in the comments field.

    We will shortly introduce to you the two new bloggers that will carry Rikard’s torch during his absence.

    Best Regards

    Mattias Holm

    Head of Product PR

  5. juice Bronze badge

    Rip Van Winkle called...

    The X10 is still a decently specc'd phone - 1ghz, 384mb ram, 4" screen (854*480) - but really: the fact that it's taken over six months for Sony to bring out a firmware upgrade for their flagship phone model is nothing short of appalling.

    Similar happened with the X10 mini - after several months of waiting for the upgrade from 1.6 to 2.1, I sold the phone and switched over to the LG Optimus, after which I wound up with a HTC Desire HD. The odds of my going back to a SE phone are fairly minimal...

  6. Anonymous Coward


    ...that is finally coming: I bought a new HTC Sensation this month (which is awesome, even if it runs a little warm from time to time). Still, the leaked info on the SE Xperia Duo (or whatever they end up calling it) looks pretty awesome, if it ever arrives.

  7. Rupert Stubbs


    Since I can't seem to upgrade from 1.6 to 2.1, this all feels rather pointless. I welcome our benign dictatorial iOS overlords...

  8. Gary Gleeson

    Ass backward telco customers notify them of upgrade

    Seems that Vodafone have been informed of the impending 2.3 update by their own customers via the forum:

    Don't hold much hope of seeing this released by VF before the Olympics closing ceremony.

    Pity though, 2.1 was a incredible improvement in every way.

  9. Lottie


    I think that when my contract is up I'll step the hell away from SE. Their updates are laughable and every time they announce something, a day or so later they say it was premature and that they need more time and then it vanishes.

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