back to article Telstra overhauls structure ... again

Telstra is unifying its troops in preparation for heightened competition brought by the National Broadband Network. In a series of restructures and appointments, the carrier is galvanizing disparate, sales, service and marketing functions in bid to improve customer service. Telstra’s company wide sales and retail customer …


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  1. Richard Freeman

    How is this News???

    Telstra are always re-oranising as this is the only way most of their management team can justify their fat paychecks.

    every 6 months is a minor re-org with major restructures occuring every 18 months to 2 years - this has been going on since at least the mid 90es.

    sure most re-orgs bring more chaos and less efficency but that's ok as they are on to a new re-org or two by the time they work that out

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Is there anything worse than Telstra? Yes There IS!

    And it is called Australia POST.

    Telstra and Australia POST used to be one and the same but were split.

    Where-as Telstra may be forced to re-org and change to make itself more competitive in the market and customers eyes and improve, sadly Australia POST has not and is the most arogant postal organisation on the planet.

    The Australia POST's top 5 Industry Ombudsman complaints include Express POST and Non-Delivery. And I have faced both.

    Express Post (1 day, next day delivery) - Arrives on average in 3 days.

    Non-Delivery, even when I lived in the Nation's capital within 4-5 streets of the local Australia POST office, the bastards would never deliver parcels to the door. Instead they leave the parcels in the POST building and deliver "You were not home, come pick up the parcel at our facility" notes.

    Unfortunately, my wife does not work and is at home every day and they still played the same bullshit of pretending they came with a parcel and they never did.

    Combined with one of the most expensive Postal Services, this make the customer do the mail delivery work themselves, is the most arrogant thing I have seen. That and they only are open on workdays in work hours so you can not pick up your parcels most of the time unless you have taken a day off work or lucky enough for one open a few hours on Saturday morning.

    I have lived in many countries and this is the worst, most disgusting Postal experience I have ever seen.

    1. Blotto Scotto

      @AC: Aussie Post

      I'll put in a 'me too' with a bit more info...

      I understand you can blame the delivery contractors (within aus-post) for that. They are able to hand off parcels to posties that are on the large side but still within arbitrary constraints. So the postie can a) carry around large parcels in their bike sack and risk it not being delivered, or b) just deliver the card.

      One of the posties on my route knows I'm home so often times will deliver the parcel. The other one doesn't :(

  3. Anonymous Coward

    shuffling the deck chairs ...

    Meanwhile, at every level below C-grade, Telstra will continue to be a loose federation of warring tribes, whose principal internal currency is blame.

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