back to article Call of Duty given ultimate Star Wars makeover

A group of modders have launched a Star Wars themed takeover for Call of Duty 4, giving gamers the chance to play Modern Warfare as an Imperial Stormtrooper or Rebel Alliance soldier. Galactic Warfare stitches elements from Star Wars, including locations, characters and weapons, with Modern Warfare's multiplayer gameplay. Have …


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  1. Ryan 7

    Stormtroopers too accurate

    Need to spend more time at academy.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Looks good

    But how long until Lucas sets the lawyers on them?

  3. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    I sense ... a Cease and Desist Letter

    Plus: Not bad but why the drunken running?

  4. Stuart Gepp

    How long before...

    George Lucas demands his pound of flesh?

  5. stucs201

    Are they sure...

    ...that referencing the Episode 1 trailer is going to give Star Wars fans much hope that this is any good?

  6. b166er

    Looks good

    reminds me of Galactic Conquest (BF1942) and a little of First Strike (BF2142).

    If it's anything like Galactic Conquest was, it'll be really playable with a good community. Here's hoping. 'I'm on your team smack-tard' FTW

  7. Frostbite
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    One word


  8. Asgard
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    It looks amazing!

    It never ceases to amaze me how much effort fans put into these kinds of projects. I hope LucasArts allows it. Lucasfilm have been extremely understanding to fans for most fan made Star Wars film productions so far, so I very much hope LucasArts will also allow this fan made production. But it does concern me that this fan made game directly treads onto LucasArts games business area. But then LucasArts can make a more professional looking product, but not by much more than this production. The fans have done a very good job of it. :)

    I hope it gets official backing and perhaps even a publishing deal from LucasArts. :)

    That's after all how Counter-Strike started as a mod to Half Life, but then Counter-Strike was an original idea whereas this is based on Star Wars which is obviously heavily trademarked.

    The problem is, if LucasArts tried to publish the game, then they would suffer some complications with Activision's control of Call of Duty, as you just know a company like Activision would want a slice of the money as well (even though they would get more sales of Call of Duty in the process, so they would gain anyway).

    I haven't got Call of Duty, but if they all allow this mod, then I would buy Call of Duty to play the mod. I very much hope they all allow it, especially after so much fan effort. :)

  9. LaeMing Silver badge
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    I'm impressed!

    I don't even like StarWars or FPSes and I am still impressed! Nice work those involved.

    1. Arclight

      Doubt it

      Unfortunately Lucasarts are a lot more protective of gaming rights. Most starwars mods I've seen have been killed at birth thanks to a quick mail from the lawyers.

  10. Bunker_Monkey
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    I wanna play :(

    I wanna play :( Astounding effort!!!

    Off down the shops for a copy of COD4

  11. ObSolutions, Inc

    ¿ǝɹqɐsʇɥbıן ou 'ʇnɥʍ

    Very impressive. Can't be SW without lighsabres tho'

  12. Daily Mail Reader
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    The sad fact is that this looks better than most Star Wars games of the last decade.

  13. Anonymous Coward
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    CoD 4 MW £9.99 on STEAM for a few more hours...

  14. YARR

    Make it free

    Shame there isn't an up to date Open Source OpenGL game engine they could have built this around instead.

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