back to article Telstra, Optus expand filter list

Australia’s existing Internet “blacklist” – a database of links maintained by the Australian Communications and Media Authority – is to be expanded, with Telstra and Optus announcing that they will voluntarily block the additional list entries. It’s an announcement that has sent Australian press into a minor frenzy, but it’s …


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  1. Mark 65

    Oh really?

    "It’s not going to be a “thin end of the wedge” in any serious fashion. "

    You might not say that if you had an innocent site (and there have been some) on this shit-list that cannot be seen. It's utterly pointless, it's a shit implementation that any schoolkid could get around, and all it adds is latency.

  2. Paul 129

    Welcome to Australia

    "It’s really a cosmetic announcement that lets the government look as if something happened. That’s a depressing commentary on politics"

    Wow im amazed they havnt managed to blow millions on this. They're improving.

    Ooops should have checked the links before posting


  3. kosh

    As everyone who deals with them knows...

    Telstra or Optus. Your choice: between hopeless and useless.

  4. D. M

    You are wrong

    1. this whole censorship bullshit was started by Lib party. Both side are very much in the same boat. They all want to censor the internet. Watch Lib party implement something even more extreme once they get into power. Lucky they didn't get chance last time because they had something bigger to screw up and it required to spend money. So censorship was delayed.

    2. the leak of the blacklist last time, already proved many legitimate sites are blocked for no good reason. Once this shit gets rolled in, it will only get worse.

    3. block on the ISP level will slow down our already slower than 3rd world country speed.

  5. Frank Bitterlich

    Not a big thing, really...

    ... unless you're worried about the government deciding what you can see, and what not (and keeps the list secret).

    Works well in Iran; works even better in China; so why not do it in Australia, as well? After all, they're not taking away anything from you, they're "protecting" you from illegal material.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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