back to article Three flavours of client-side virtualisation

Talk about virtualisation often centres on virtually hosted desktops, in which the entire desktop is run on a back-end server. But this is by no means the only way to operate. Amid all the other options, such as application virtualisation and offloading computational tasks onto rich clients, there is one model that is …


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  1. TomasF

    App virt

    Hm, no mention of ThinApp, the most mature of the lot? Odd...

  2. Bob H


    The Register has mentioned them before but they are missing from this article, so what about MokaFive's baremetal VDI solution? Not worth mentioning?

  3. Mike Laverick

    Wot about VMware?

    Eh? an article about desktop or client virtualization - that make no mention of VMware Workstation or VMware Fusion....?

  4. Nemesis-T-Warlock

    Don't forget NxTop

    NxTop were the first to market with a type-1 hypervisor and have a far wider compatibility that Citrix XenDesktop as they don't require vPro support. Cirtix is actually an investor in them. As with anything, a one-size fits all approach rarely works, so consider distributed desktop virtualisation along with app-virt and possibly VDI where it really fits. Take a look at for more info.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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