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ITV player is now available on Android, giving gadget-bound tellyheads unlimited access to the past seven days of content from all four of the network's channels. Catch up on all your favourite tosh from Corrie to the ironically named Britain's Got Talent. In order to use the app, a phone must be running Android 2.2 or higher …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Won't download

    Doesn't want to install to my Asus Transformer, despite them saying it works on tablets

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Using ITV Player whilst retaining some privacy

    I have the root app "LBE Privacy Guard" installed on my Android phone. After I installed the ITV Player app, LBE Privacy told me that the ITV app wanted access to the following three things:

    Access Location

    Access IMEI

    Access Network

    There's no need for the app to know the IMEI of my phone (a unique identifier), so I told it to block requests for that info. I also told LBE Privacy Guard to prompt me if the app tried to access my location. I allowed the app network access as obviously it needs it to work.

    When I started up the app, it immediately tried to obtain my location so I rejected that request, and it continued to work anyway. It then requested my email address and post code, with the following explanations:

    "To use this service, please enter your email address. By doing so, you agree to receive news and offers from ITV. We also need your postcode so that we can provide you with the right content for your region. Postcodes are not stored."

    I entered a fake email address. There is no email confirmation of any sort. I wanted the correct content for my region so I just entered the postcode for my local council headquarters.

  3. jonathanb Silver badge

    Or maybe not

    Apparently it isn't compatible with my Samsung Galaxy S running Gingerbread.

  4. John 73


    I can't even see it on the Market. :-/

  5. M1

    don't fret - you're not missing anything (ironically)

    The app is a pile of poo - getting dissed all round. Bloated, poorly performing spyware - shame.

  6. Steve Foster


    Adobe AIR.

    (the icon choice is "well, duh")

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Useless App

    As there is bugger all on ITV worth watching unless you have a pre-frontal lobotomy.

  8. dotdavid

    Adobe Air?

    Sorry, not interested. Good to see ITV has learnt from the BBC's mistakes forcing iPlayer users to have to have flash... no, wait, they haven't learnt have they!

  9. Atonnis


    Yay! Now I can watch...


    ..... there anything on ITV ever worth watching?

    1. Paratrooping Parrot

      Only two things of note

      Harry Hill's TV Burp over the autumn, and currently Penn and Teller.

  10. Pete 43
    Thumb Down

    I won't even bother

    Nothing on

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Bad Form

    "and be connected to Wi-Fi"

    The self imposed restriction of the media is very bad form. It is totally without merit and beyond scope. If the telecoms companies do not like users accessing media THEY should block it.

    It's just like Cinemas turning away customers who come in brown shoes. its stupid! you should not turn customers away however they come. Now if the network has a problem THEY should sort it out.

    Why do media companies do this? is it because of the backhanders the telecoms companies sling over so they can continue to sell "Unlimited" packages??

  12. b166er

    One good reason

    Why would anyone install this?

  13. Systems

    Thanks AC

    I did the same as you. Blocked GPS and IMEI, gave false email address and postcode. Still works fine.

  14. Steve Potter
    Thumb Down

    Still not finished.

    How long have we had a fully working reliable BBC iplayer app? so this all new ITV player comes along, and doesn't work on the most popular tablet, doesnt respond to the back button to close forcing you to hit Home.


    1. Stuart Halliday

      Fully working?

      The BBC iplayer isn't by any stretch finished.

      No bookmarks, no programme info supplied, no notifs if a fav. person or programme is about to come on. Lots of room for improvements...

  15. Stuart Halliday
    Big Brother

    ITV got no idea have they?

    I just looked up a postcode in England and made the mistake of entering a real email address.

    The acknowledgment came back and had a link to unsubscribe.

    Great I thought.

    But no. The web page you get sent to simply asks for more personal details and had NO option to unsubscribe or to delete my record. Surely illegal for ITV to do this? Data protection law is quite clean on this point.

    So nice one ITV.... :(

    Still in the 20th century mindset aren't you?

  16. Wize

    Except for viewers in Scotland

    We can't use the thing.

    Well, we can if we lie about our postcodes.

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